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Midweek News: CHERYL COLE New Album, X FACTOR Viewing Figures Down

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Some music news first for you this week, although it’s Cheryl Cole so can we really call it music?  We can from now on, following her successful debut album in the UK and US Cole and her producer and friend Will.i.Am have confirmed they are currently working on the Geordie lasses third album.

Since Girls Aloud have been “ON A BREAK” Cheryl has carved herself a successful solo career even making in roads into TV, we all know how that went when she wind up in America on Simon Cowell’s new mega US X Factor.  Now fully out of hiding from that embarrassment Cole has now set to work in the studio again with an album of songs ready to be recorded.

This album is going to be like nothing we have heard from her in the past, unlike her last album of pop junk which saw one song feature Will.i.Am (maybe more), the duo have hinted that collaborations are already lined up with rap superstars Eminem, Niki Minaj and R&B artists Rhianna and Usher.  Along with that there is a slight rumour that she may well also be collaborating with hit DJ and producer David Guetta.

Things seem to be on the up for Cole once again and this is one album I can see myself taking a listen to, Cole has also just signed on to star in her first Hollywood movie What To Expect When Your Expecting which will also star Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

Some more music news now, seems I’m on a bit of a role this week although this sort of combines music and TV.  NME.COM are reporting that X Factor viewing figures are down 2 million from where they were in the 2010 live shows.  In 2010 the show pulled in 12.2 million for it’s first live show whilst this year it only managed 10.4 million still not bad for the UK but, what’s the problem?

The new judging line up?  I don’t think so for me the judging panel is a good one, apart from Louis Walsh, can’t stand the guy.  The inclusion of Gary Barlow for me is a great effort, he is a proven musician and songwriter and has really done well since joining the show.  Tulisa, again nothing to complain about obviously the new eye candy replacing Cheryl Cole but, also a proven artist and songwriter.  Then you have Kelly Rowland, I certainly have no problem with her.

So what is the problem?  To many twists and turns would be my guess, and the fact that it’s on TV far to much.  Personally I’m a little sick of it.  The first live show this year went on for two hours 30 minutes, way to long in my opinion.  I know this year they had 16 acts to get through rather than 12 but it’s still to long and some of it can be cut down if they take out all the talking.  I didn’t watch the show live I recorded it and watched it back, that only took about an hour, a suitable length of time.

Then you move onto Sunday night and the live results show, no problem with that apart from the fact it’s on for one hour, why?  So we can watch the two live acts who are on Simon Cowell’s payroll for the week.  Then awaiting the judges to make their decision was just ridiculous, if I could have skipped all the pausing I would have “The person I’m taking to the next live show is…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” To long!

I said at the very start of this series of X Factor that I hope they don’t do with the show what they done with Britain’s Got Talent, they turned it into overkill twice a weekend then every night of the week it’s just to much.  Now it looks like the X Factor will be heading in the exact same direction.
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