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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.5 - Judgment

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm really starting to enjoy this show and I'm pleased to report that CBS have just ordered a full season.  I still think that they are going to have to come up with a more in depth story line to keep it going longer than one season but it definitely has something, ass kicking aside.  For me the main reason it works so well would be the casting of the lead characters, I touched on it briefly during the first review that Jim Cavizel was probably not the sort of actor you would expect to see in the role but, he has proved any doubters wrong.  He is believable and would probably conform to the sort of unassuming person the CIA recruit.  Then you have Michael Emerson, the man we all know so well from his portrayal of Ben Linus in six seasons of Lost.  He is equally as shifty and mysterious in this show and both he and Cavizel work really well together.

This week saw a new SSN and storyline as always, Samuel Gates a high court Judge was about to become involved in a situation which saw his son kidnapped, his nanny murdered and him being bribed to allow a woman named Angela Markham (Merideth Patterson) to walk free from a trial after she killed someone in a drink driving accident.  Reese at first struggles to find out why an Eastern European gang are interested in the acquittal of a woman who would surely not roll in the same circles as them but then he and Finch find the money trail behind it and the $3 million that she has transferred on their behalf whilst she was supposedly "clocked off".

Again this week it was good to see Finch becoming involved in the search, he went to the court to find out why this gang were so interested in Angela Markham.  Due to Finch's limp I really don't think we can expect him to become any more involved than that, he can and probably will stay more in the background working on that genius computer system which this week gave the wrong SSN as Samuel Gates was not the person in danger it was his son Sam Gates Jr, ok it did eventually lead to the right person but still.  

Like last week and pretty much every other one there was plenty kick ass, that's pretty much what you would expect with the amount of gangs that were involved.  It was a little in danger I suppose of going to much like a Van Damme movie, Reese kicks everyone's ass and does not even get hit.  That didn't happen here and we saw Reese get shot, and guess what!  It wasn't in the leg, although that may well have been more helpful to the peoples asses he was kicking at the time.  After all he would have struggled with one leg they only managed to get him in the shoulder.

Angela Markham walked as you know with the Judge giving in to the pressure being placed on him by the gang, don't panic though Finch is about.  He delivered the numbers to the desk of the attorney who was prosecuting Markham giving them a case for money laundering, a nice little move and one way to make sure that no villains make a re-appearance later in the season, there may well be all the one's that Reese has shot in the leg but he'll deal with them as and when.

The Judge has told Reese that when he does eventually get caught that he won't be able to help them out of what ever hole him and Finch are in, no one will actually as they work alone and are not sanctioned by any governing body.  That begs the question in relation to the cops.  Detective's Carter (Taraj P. Henson) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman), Fusco of course ended up working in the same department as Carter because Reese organised it so Fusco can keep an eye on what Carter knows about him.  Problem for Reese is will Fusco tow the line or will he go straight and help Carter find her mystery man.

This was another solid performance from all involved and the show really is starting to pick up steam, ok it doesn't keep you thinking like Homeland does, it's not Dexter and there are no zombie's wondering around like Walking Dead but, I for one am pleased it's got a full season order and I look forward to seeing weather they wrap things up in one season or we roll into a second.
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