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New Single Releases: 30th January 2012, DJ SHADOW, METALLICA, FEEDER and LIL WAYNE

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Clock Opera – 'Once And For All' - An indie rock band, I have heard of these guys but I haven't heard their music, I took a listen to this one and can't say I'm that impressed.

Cloud Nothings – 'Stay Useless' - Indie bands are all I seem to write about these days, they are literally coming out the wood work. I hadn't heard of these guys and judging by this song I won't be taking any sort of detailed look into thir back catalog.

DJ Shadow – 'Scale It Back' - I don't know why this is on the release dates again this week, It featured here a month or so ago now and I was pretty positive about the song then, and I stand by that. My release info comes fom the same source every week so I don't know why we get a repeat.

Feeder – 'Borders' - I've never been the biggest fan of this alternative rock band from Wales, I don't know why because their music is massive even making it into Hollywood movies, I suppose that's because they sound more American than Welsh but it has worked for them, this song is ok, I would have it as an album filler.

Fucked Up – 'Year Of The Tiger' - I have never heard of these guys but if your inetersted they are a hardcore punk band from the U.S.

The Kills – 'Last Goodbye' - Rock band? Yawn. Very boring.

Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars – 'Mirrors' - Lil Wayne is a American rapper who has been signed to Cash Money Records since he was nine years old, I'm not the biggest fan of his music but I do like Bruno Mars who features on this record. Not the best record but will probably do well in the charts thanks to the names attached.

Metallica – 'Beyond Magnetic EP' - One of my favoutite bands, I just hate the album with Lou Reed though, he should probably have stayd in the 70's. Lou is an aquired taste, what can I say? He does not feature here and Metallica are back ro their hardcore rocking best.

 Pixie Lott – 'Kiss The Stars' - I was wondering why Pixie was on morning TV this week (only seen it because of days off), I have heard this song on the radio and have switched it off every time thinking it was Justin Beiber, oops.

Radiohead – 'Bloom (Jamie xx remix)' - Never been a big fan of Radiohead and this song does nothing to add to my confidence in them.

Youngman – 'Who Knows' - Save the best till last, that's what they say and that's hat I have done, you need to be sharing this video with your Facebook, Twitter or whatever wasily the best release of the week and a new favourite of mine.

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