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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This post is getting doubled up with the albums again this week, were still getting over the new year in the charts so the releases will be starting to come think and fast in the next two to three weeks, in the mean time here are all the latest single and album releases from this week.

New Singles

Evanescence – 'My Heart Is Broken' – Evanescence won’t need any introduction from me, they have been on the go for long enough now, they featured here with their previous single a few months back now.

Florence And The Machine – 'No Light No Light' – Absolutely love these guys can’t rate them highly enough, I saw them perform this on the Jonathan Ross show last Saturday and although it’s not my favourite I can still listen to it easily along with their album Ceremonials.

Little Cuts – 'Plastic Disaster' – A punk band from the U.S that I have never heard of, Punk is an acquired taste one which I’m not really into, I can go back to one punk band from the 80’s called Big Country, go check out the post I done on them not long after starting this blog.

Oberhoffer – 'Gotta Go' – Another one I haven’t heard of, nor are these guys easy to find much out about. It would appear that they are a indie pop group.

The Shins – 'Simple Song' – An American indie rock band who have been on the go since 1997, that’s quite impressive these days.  Indie music is good but I can’t say I have heard to much of these guys music.

Swedish House Mafia Vs Knife Party – 'Antidote' – A trio of European DJ's and producers who have a tendency to deliver big club hits, their last featured U.K rapper Tinie Tempah and was a massive hit across the clubs in Ibiza.

The Ting Tings – 'Hang It Up' – These guys rose to fame last year making a big hit at the festivals, they are a two piece band that the whole of the U.K went mad for them but, I wasn’t to impressed.

New Albums

Attack! Attack! – 'This Means War' – With a name like Attack! Attack! You can kind of guess that these guys are some sort of heavy rock outfit, they are billed as metalcore, I’m not sure what that means but I think it may well hurt your ears.

The Big Pink – 'Future This' – An English electro rock duo who have been signed professionally since 2009 but to date have only released 5 singles from their debut album, this is their second album, I’ve not heard of the and electro rock ain’t really my thing.

Diagrams – 'Black Light'  - Never even heard of these guys!

Ani DiFranco – 'Which Side Are You On?' – A very famous lady who in her time has released over 20 albums as well as being a Grammy award winner.

Enter Shikari!
 Enter Shikari – 'A Flash Flood Of Colour' – A massive U.K band well known for mashing up all different styles of rock with electro, I have to be honest although it’s not my thing these guys do it very well and I have enjoyed their previous offerings.

Foe – 'Bad Dream Hotline' – Never heard of these guys either!

Frank Turner – 'The Second Three Years' – A well known U.K singer songwriter who’s not my idea of fun.

Anthony Green – 'Beautiful Things' – A musician that works on both sides of the fence as a solo artist but has also featured as the lead singer for many bands most of which I haven’t heard of.

Guided By Voices – 'Let's Go Eat The Factory' – A American indie rock back who were formed way back in 1983, they went till 2004 split up, got back together and are still releasing music.  You have to admit that is pretty impressive.

 Howler – 'America Give Up' – A American rock band who made a massive name for themselves during 2011, so much so that NME named them the #3 band of the year and credited their lead singer Jordan Gatesmith as one of 2011’s coolest people, I haven’t heard much of what they do but I will be checking out this album after nods like that.

King Krule – 'King Krule' – Known formally as Zoo Kid, this guy changed his name on tour last year to King Krule inspired by some character in Donkey Kong, a bit stupid if you ask me.

One Sonic Society- 'Forever Reign' – No, sorry, I have not heard of these guys either!

The Red Inspectors – 'Are We The Red Inspectors? Are We?' – A new band that I’ve not heard of but, all of the members have been part of big bands in the past.

Tribes – 'Baby' – A four piece English rock band who are pretty well thought of in the music industry, I can’t say I have heard to much of their music but at least I have heard of them.
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