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Movie Review: DIE ANOTHER DAY Starring Pierce Brosnan

Monday, 16 January 2012

Ok, I’ll set the scene for you as I always do on how I came to watch this movie, I just got in from work it was almost 1am and there was nothing on TV, this just being after the Christmas and New Year celebrations I also had nothing recorded that took my interest at that time in the morning and to put on my DVD just seemed like to much effort so, I start channel hopping and found Die Another Day on ITV 1+1.  I decided I would go with this as I’ve never seen Brosnan do Bond.

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, Judi Dench, John Cleese and Michael Madsen

The Plot

The fourth and final movie in the Bond franchise for Pierce Brosnan sees him starting in North Korea where he is double crossed and captured by the enemy, 14 months on he is traded for one of their agents Zao being held by MI6.  Bond is a burnt agent now but can’t
resist the urge to track Zao which eventually leads him to multi millionaire diamond merchant and international villain Gustav Graves.  He discovers a link between the two and goes about his business to bring them down, he is hampered in his efforts however by beautiful MI6 agent Miranda Frost posing as Graves’ PA and a beautiful NSA agent played by Halle Berry.

The Verdict

I mentioned already that I caught onto this whilst I was channel hopping in the early hours, I happened to switch this on at a great starting point, just as Halle Berry walks out the sea half naked, I now know how all you women felt in 2006 when Daniel Craig came walking out in his little swim shorts.  It’s a good job that’s the point I got here other wise Die Another Day may have been switched off very quickly indeed.

Loved this bit!
 The more I left this movie on the more I realised that I have seen more of it than I thought, although I couldn’t tell you where or when.  I haven’t even seen Goldeneye or any of the other two instalments from Brosnan, I really just can’t take him seriously as bond and after seeing Die Antoher Day in it’s entirety (almost) I don’t think I will be changing my mind on that any time soon, I’ve come up with a couple of reasons as to why that may be.

First off the appalling one line attempts at sexual jokes from Brosnan to Halle Berry, not funny, not remotely funny, cringe worthy in fact. Mind you it worked, he got her into bed after all, although in real life I think it may be a little more difficult to temp Miss Berry with simple answers to “what do predators do when it gets dark”, seriously Pierce lay off on the jokes, attempted jokes, your not funny.

The special effects, they were terrible.  Zao’s diamond encrusted face was ok but still not really that good considering the money they would throw at a Bond movie.  I can think of one memorable scene in particular that made me laugh (yes I actually laughed), not because anyone did anything funny it was just the fact the effect was so terrible.  It was in Iceland at the Ice Emporium when Graves tries to get Bond with that laser thingy mabob, Bond is hanging off the edge of a cliff dropping to the ocean, it blows up and creates a tidal wave. Bond comes out the explosion surfing the tidal wave on part of the car he managed to salvage in a scene which would have been more suited to animated movies like Happy Feet, that’s how bad it was.  I watched on a +1 channel remember had I watched normal ITV 1, then I could have seen it in HD, although I’m not convinced that would have been any better.

I have seen a few reviews since watching the movie saying that Die Another Day is Brosnan's best Bond ever, and judging by it’s world wide gross of $431m+ you would think it was, all I can say is if this is the best Bond Pierce Brosnan has to offer then I don’t think I will be watching any of the others.

Would I watch it again?

Nope no way, although I did enjoy the final fight scene.

Rating: M
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