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Review: ROB 1.1 - Pilot

Monday, 23 January 2012

I hadn't actually heard of Rob, I came across it by accident whilst I was looking at something else.  The new CBS comedy is written by Rob Schneider, the man who's career in movies has pretty much depended upon weather best friend Adam Sandler was writing and releasing a new movie through his Happy Madsion production company. In Rob, Schneider takes the lead role alongside Claudia Bassalos. The pair of them get married after only knowing each other for a couple of months, little does Rob know that her strict Catholic family would not be to impressed.

I have to say although I hadn't heard of Rob it was a pleasant little surprise, ok, it has Rob Schneider as the lead so we know pretty much know what to expect, slapstick toilet humour done with every other sentence, that's what I was expecting and that's pretty much what I got but, that's not a bad thing there were moments when rob really did make me laugh the rest of it was bearable as background TV which suited it's 30 minute run time.

Schneider is funny but most of the laughs are brought to us by Maggie's Mexican family. This first episode was like Greg Focker being introduced to Jack Burns for the first time only here it's adapted for the small screen. As well as not hearing of this show I also hadn't heard of Claudia Bassalos, her part as peace keeper between Rob and her family wasn't particularly memorable but there is way to yet. Her mother Abuleita (Lupe Ontiveros) wasn't that funny either, the disapproving eyes technique got old rather quickly, going back to the Focker comparisons she is pretty similar to Rozz Focker, just not as funny. The two who stood out most other than Schneider would have to be Maggie's father Pepe (Juan Martinez), the guy clearly loves to rub it in peoples faces that whilst not being totally legit he has still made a success of himself in the U.S. Then you have the brother Hector (Euginio Derbez) an illegal immigrant who is wanting to make best friends with Rob hoping he will lend him $7500.

Rob put in a good first show but it's not the kind of thing  could watch week in week out or ever take to seriously but, it works and does provide the laughs it promises on the tin. It done ok ratings wise and will probably do so every week thanks to it's position on the line up, sandwiched in between The Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest. All in all it was ok but not something I could watch in entirety.

QUICK NOTE: I watched 10 minutes of the second episode and switched it off, I got tired of all the fake laughing put over the top of things that in all honesty were not funny at all.
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