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Review: DEXTER 1.4 - Let's Give The Boy A Hand

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

That LaGuerta is a bitch ani’t she?  Ok, I’m back on board with the first season of Dexter and as promised I will put out reviews as and when I can fit them in.  Luckily there really is nothing on TV right now until Alcatraz starts in a week or so, that means more Dexter for you guys though.  I have had this and episode 5 sitting waiting to write since before Christmas so I suppose I should just get on with it.

In “Lets Give The Boy a Hand” the mysterious Ice Truck killer escalates his killing spree, only now he is starting to play a dangerous game with Dexter leaving body parts spread across the city, all relating to memories Dexter has from his childhood.  The memories
are brought to us in the usual style, flashbacks to Dexter’s childhood, scenes with his father Harry.  I have mentioned before that I really like these flashbacks new and old, I like these ones as I’m learning a whole new depth of Dexter which I didn’t know about, all the scenes with Harry in the latest seasons are just them having conversations, usually about the code which Dexter adheres to when selecting his victims.

The Ice Truck killer has caused no end of problems with his latest victim though, not only is he sending a message to Dexter but he has kidnapped Tony Tucci, the security guard from the ice rink.  Problem is in episode 3 “Popping Cherry” Lieutenant LaGuerta went on TV and named Tucci as the prime suspect in the Ice Truck Killer investigation, now she has his mother to deal with, so he’s not the Ice Truck Killer but we already know that (unless like me you haven’t seen the latest seasons of Dexter).

I really don’t have any time for Sgt Doakes (Erik King), honestly I can’t stand this guy and his little story line where he has become involved in a dirty cops business, trying to protect his family from the drugs dealers who are after them for money.  Sideline stories are always a part of Dexter and I usually enjoy them but this one really just doesn’t interest me that much, it would probably be better if Doakes wasn’t in it.  Mind you following this episode the story line is done with so, we can get on with what’s important.

The Ice Truck killer played yet another blinder at the end of this episode, twisting it up for episode 5 “Love American Style”.  We still haven’t seen the Ice Truck Killer yet (of course we all know who he is), I’m guessing he is going to introduce himself to Debra in some way as I know she dates the Ice Truck killer not knowing who he is, from there he is probably going to try and get into the mind of Dexter even further as he’ll have exclusive access.

Another little side line story was that of Rita’s neighbour who has and inside dog that likes to live outside, something like that anyway. The neighbour’s dog barks all day and night so she decides to pay a visit to her neighbour, that doesn’t work so step up Dexter, nothing really to tell you about just thought I would mention it as I remember laughing at this scene but I can’t remember why.

I love Dexter as I always say and I am really enjoying going back through these older episodes.  I tend to think sometimes that I should have read the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter first but, I’m not really one for books although if I’m interested I can make it thorough one.  Dexter continues to get better week on week and you can see why it
became the biggest show on the Showtime Network.
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