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Weekly News: Wahlberg Talks THE FIGHTER 2, Idris Elba On Board for LUTHER Series 3 and BOND 50

Sunday, 15 January 2012

We have been talking about Mark Wahlberg over here lately, you may have caught the trailer for his new movie Contraband which was posted here just the other day.  Wahlberg has been quite quiet recently not starring in a movie since 2010’s The Fighter (Blu-ray review coming soon). Things will be changing for him soon though, Contraband which I mentioned above comes out next week, and Wahlberg has a pretty crammed
schedule over the next couple of year, including plans to start shooting The Fighter 2,  asked about the follow up to his Oscar winning movie Wahlberg said;

It’s definitely a priority but I don’t think it’s necessarily gonna be a sequel, it’s really kind of its own thing about the Ward/Gatti wars and this crazy relationship that came out of these fights. After the first fight they became very close friends, yet two more times they went in there and tried to kill each other and caused a lot of physical and mental damage that really took a toll on them, and certainly still takes a toll on Micky to this day.

Wahlberg has also said that Entourage series creator Doug Ellin is currently penning the script to Entourage the movie, Wahlberg served as an executive producer on the series as well as starring, no doubt it will be the same in the movie.  He is also waiting on a new Michael Bay movies being re-scripted called Pain & Gain, the movie which will also star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the story of two bodybuilder who become involved in and extortion ring and kidnapping.

Great news coming from Idris Elba Friday gone, he has confirmed there will be a third series of BBC’s hit TV show Luther, not only that but The Wire star Elba has also hinted that he would like to bring his unorthodox character Detective Chief Inspector John Luther to the silver screen, a move I would personally love to see.

The show has been a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic thanks largely to Elba’s star status in America, it draws average viewing of about 6 million a night when airing here in the UK.  The third series of the show will be similar to the second in that it will be four hour long episodes which will hopefully air late 2012 or early 2013, Elba told BBC Radio 1’s Edith Bowman the following;

“I have definitely given the green light to the third season, I’ll be working on it next year” adding “We are working on the best Luther series ever. We’re working hard.”

If you haven’t seen either series of the show then series 1 has just started airing on Netflix, be sure to go and take advantage of the one month free trial they are currently offering, as well as that season 2 has just been released on DVD.

James Bond fan?  Yeah, well they have a very special treat coming up in relation to James Bond this year, the film franchise is celebrating it’s 50 year anniversary in spectacular fashion by releasing all the movies, Dr No to Quantum Of Solace in a special Blu-ray box set later this year which will be called Bond 50.  The set will feature 9 movies which have previously been available in HD, it’s said to feature about 130 hours of special features and an amount of new content.  The price will be somewhere around £240 so this may only be for the most hardcore of Bond fans.
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