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TV Preview: THE WALKING DEAD Returns February 12th 2012 on AMC

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Walking Dead is back on the 12th February with it’s eighth instalment of the second season “Nebraska”, if you caught my reviews of the show last time round then you already know that other than the last episode “Pretty Much Dead Already” that I haven’t been that impressed. I didn’t watch the first season though so it took me a little while to
catch up with just who everyone was and what they were about, I’m probably still figuring it out.

The season 2 premiere was a fantastic episode with that scene on the freeway where all the cars had just come to a stop and been abandoned, the group of survivors where then
encountered by a massive group of zombies in what was a very impressive scene. Since then though The Walking Dead hit some-what of a dead end when they all landed at Hershals farm, they just didn’t move from there which turned the show from a promising road trip into a bit of a bore.

Now we are hoping things will move on a little with the return of the second season, just to wet your appetite a little I have posted the trailer for the returning episode below, take a look and let me know what you think.

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