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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.11 - Super

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Missed Person of Interest?  I have, and this week it was back in style with probably it's best episode yet and probably the first one that's made things look like we may well get a second season of this show, and it would be well deserved should it get one. Guest stars galore and quickly becoming the biggest show on TV Person of Interest has a knack of delivering and revealing things at a perfect pace, this week was no exception to the rule with so many potential story lines ahead Person of Interest will only get better and better.

"Super" focused it's main story line on the superintendent (Dexter's David Zayas) of an apartment building where Reese was recovering from last weeks gun shot wound (I'll talk about that in a bit), the Super was the new Person of Interest meaning no rest and recuperation for Reese.  The Super turned out to be only an innocent party in it all trying to protect some pretty girl from some dick of a restaurant owner, the story was not that interesting but up till the reveal it did have me thinking that David Zayas had taken more of Dexter's slant on things. Behind this weeks main story was where things got interesting  with Detective Carter finding out more on what Finch and Reese do, Reese's former employers tracking him (terribly) and those neat computer flashbacks to 2005 where Finch and Nathan were trying to sell the computer system to the NSA.

I'll start with Reese's gun shot wound, the one he got thanks to his former employers in last weeks episode.  Person of Interest doesn't treat us like idiots in that Reese would be straight back on his feet this week, they showed it was a pretty close call for Reese when Finch got him to a Doctor who had been struck off, offering him a shit load of money to stitch up our man. It keeps things real for us and I mentioned a few times how Reese's fits in as a former CIA agent, he is unassuming and for me fits the bill great. With him layed up the numbers continued to roll from the machine, step up Detective Carter, Who this week was given a role by Finch, she did say she wanted to see what they do, well here is her chance, glad to she jumped at the opportunity because that’s the first thing I can touch on that could point towards a second season of Person of Interest, now she knows they are “good guys” she may not work so hard on throwing Reese’s ass in jail, it would seem also that she has become a Person of Interest for Reese, could it be love?

Carter wasn’t invited into the inner circle without problem, she spent most of the episode being followed by the CIA, luckily for Carter the ones in Person of Interest are not really very good at surveillance she lost them no problem before meeting up with Finch in the café. Everything we have seen with them so far is that they blame Reese for
murdering his partner, we have seen flashbacks to a woman in a hotel room, that’s the one they are talking about but are they trying to cover something up or does Reese have a dark side that we all have yet to see?  This part of the story has muscled it’s way in to be probably the most interesting back runner as there is plenty of scope there for it to expand to that hopeful second season.

Now we jump onto what will surely become the main story, well it is the main story. Finch’s machine, the computer he designed to identify threats before they happen, it sees everything and by the looks of things it hears everything to, this is one very clever computer that this week managed to pump up the plot for those of us paying enough attention.  The flashbacks to 2005, that was a neat little computer time line way to do it don’t you think? It would have been easy to think that they weren’t flashback and part of the current story. Imagine that character developing a computer, that’s what Person of Interest done this week and we finally got to learn only just a little more about the machine, why Nathan Ingram is dead and the possibility that Finch had something to do with it.

Who was watching closely?  In one of the flashbacks Nathan referred to the computer as “the thing”, Finch warned him “be careful, it can hear you” just after that the computer kicks into life (Potential threat detected, subject: Ingram Nathan C), what a great way to end the episode, what does it mean though, remember the NSA guy Weeks? When he
was talking to Nathan in an earlier scene the computer done something similar saying that Weeks was a potential threat, does the computer not like being threatened?

This weeks Person of Interest has topped the lot for me and I thought last weeks was good, “Super” is my new number 1 and I really think this show is going places, we should have guessed really with J.J Abrams producing and Jonathan Nolan directing the plot was bound to thicken at some point, roll on next weeks “Legacy”.
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