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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.12 - Legacy

Saturday, 21 January 2012

It was a case of back to the norm for Person of Interest this week, failing to follow on from last weeks impressive "Super", "Legacy" would probably have to go down as one of my least favourite and non memorable episodes.  The story which we seemed promised to last week all but disappeared here as Reese went into partnership with Carter to protect a lawyer. This week focused on the story of Andrea Guiterrez, a defence attorney who was helping prisoners sue the government for time they spent in prison that was unjustified.  Reese discovers that a guy was after her, clearly paid by someone to carry out the hit. Still wanting to know more Detective Carter meets Reese in a cafe who once again gives her an assignment of her own.

The show has really started to dig more into the background of Finch and this week it delivered a little more of the mystery, but he's not alone now as Reese's curiosity has got the better of him, he has Lionel tracking Finch and he is watching his every move.  Finch picked up a kid from the local precinct (the same one he picked Reese up from), an illegal gambler but also a kind hearted doctor who we quickly learnt is called Will and is the son of Nathan Ingram.  I have no problem with the story as it certainly brings a little more to Finch who seems to have a soft spot for this guy, but why?  Is he just looking out for his former best friends interests or does he feel guilty about the part he may have played in the death of Ingram?  I would have to go with the latter.

You would think that Reese would try to recruit someone different to track Finch though, Lionel hasn't exactly proved the worlds greatest Detective up to now and let's face it Lionel was following that close all Finch needed to do is turn around and then Reese's plan is blown out the water. Of course that didn't happen and Reese was able to watch the pair in Will's loft apartment, it didn't give a whole lot away to Reese but Finch did look a little concerned about that box on Will's table, is there something in their that will reveal Finch is a murderer? Finch only ever worked for Ingram remember? It was Ingram who was the billionaire, a tale which was confirmed when Reese done some snooping around.

It was good to see Reese get back to the ass kicking this week, last week he was layed up recovering from a gun shot wound, this week he was back on the streets doing what he does best, again keeping the realism. We shouldn't just expect that Reese can kick everyone's ass and let's be honest it was a good fight between Reese and the Mixed Martial arts fighter but Reese got his ass kicked, he only got the better of the guy thanks to the garbage truck which wiped him out. Reese wasn't out the action long though and soon he discovered the corrupt link in the chain, Dominic Galuska a parole officer who was ripping off the state making up fake kids to claim thousands in benefit, not to worry Reese kicked his ass to, setting him up for a major fail appearing drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

The Reese / Carter thing has some room to grow, you think? Reese clearly has a soft spot for her and you can see some sort of love interest developing between the pair, hopefully in a second season when more of Reese's back story will come out.  There are only two episodes left (that I know of), in that time we will probably get to the bottom of Finch's story but it won't leave enough time for Reese's or Carter's who we have seen briefly.

The team continues to grow with Carter now fully in the fold and Lionel being trusted with tasks that are a little more labouring, again showing that this has the room to go into a second season.  Although this wasn't the best episode of POI I still love this show and the mystery does thicken every week, I look forward to the season run in (unless they are extending it), any ideas?
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