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Thursday, 12 January 2012

As you know I like to tweak around with the design of this site every now and again, this week is no different, however, Movies Music & Television will be staying like this for some time now in fact I don’t think I will be changing it again as I’m quite happy with things but, as always don’t be afraid to leave your feedback and I’ll make sure that the issues are addressed. First up, new tabs.



You probably noticed that I have decided to have all of the top three tabs stay the same, there is nothing more they can say really.  The about me and contact sections will be updated with a little more information telling you how you can advertise here if you want to, along with some other information. Anyway the new tabs are listed below along with all the new and some old content you can get to from the links.  I’ll explain the new MOVIES ONLINE tab in a little more detail below.

MOVIES          News, Reviews, Blu-ray reviews, Trailers, DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

MUSIC           News, Reviews, Mixtapes, Featured Artist, Must Have Music

TELEVISION      News, Reviews, Trailers, Pilots, Reality

REVIEWS         Movie Reviews (A – Z), TV Reviews (A – Z)

MOVIES ONLINE        Lovefilm, Netflix       

The MOVIES ONLINE tab now, what is it?  Well as you know I don’t do all this work for free, well I do actually but never mind.  MOVIES ONLINE is your chance to sign up with either Lovefilm or Netflix from this blog, the two links there take you to a page on this blog with a review of both services (Netflix one not done yet) and you have the opportunity to take a look at their site and sign up to a free no obligation trial.  So, that’s what it’s about take a look over there and see what you think, no obligation remember.

Like I said above the Netflix one is not done yet but if your not a member of Netflix and you live in the UK then go over there yourself as they have just launched the service in England and are offering a free one month trial, I have signed up and managed to do some catching up on Dexter, Breaking Bad and all ready have a list of movies just waiting to watch, even after the trial it's only £5.99 a month to continue your subscription.

So, there you have a little detail on the way the site is looking right now, hope you like it.  I want to make it as user friendly as possible and I'm hoping that the new TV Reviews and Movie Reviews (A - Z) make that a lot easier for you to navigate your way round here.  I encourage you to leave your feedback as always, the commenting system we use here is Disqus, it's free to sign up for an account which will come in handy on many other sites (some big ones) across the Internet who use Disqus.

Remember, there are some great looking TV shows coming up in January this year, I will be watching and reviewing them all, I'm also currently working my way through season 1 of both Dexter and Breaking Bad and have recently took to watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and The Wire which is being re-run from the start on Sky Atlantic HD Fridays at 9pm.  Person of Interest is back this week and later today I have a Blu-ray review of The Hangover coming up for you.
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