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Review: THE FINDER 1.1 - An Orphan Walks into a Bar

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ok, so I posted the trailer for this show last year some time, the trailer I put out back then was in relation to an episode where it was coupled with hit TV show Bones, the reason?  The Finder is a spin off of Bones, I knew that at the time and although I have never seen one single episode of Bones I did think this show looked rather funny with a different slant on the usual drama that we get on TV.

Geoff Stults plays Walter Sherman a former military cop who was honourably discharged after an injury on duty left him Brain damaged, it’s not all bad the injury left him with an incredible ability to “find” things thus he becomes “the finder”.  Leaving the military he teams up with Leo Knox (Michael Clarke Duncan) an ex con who’s life he saved, the two now lead a relatively quiet (when there not finding things) existence running a bar in the middle of nowhere, they are joined in the bar by teenage gypsy girl Willa who has to work there under the supervision of Walter due to the conditions of her parole, last one of the main cast to mention is U.S Marshall Isabel Zambada who is usually called upon when Walter need some more info on things, in return he does some finding.

In the opening episode we done a lot of getting to know who everyone was along with Walters search for a missing Air Force pilot who went missing somewhere near Florida, the guys son comes looking for Walter who eventually agrees to help the boy find what he’s looking for. That “finding” did lead to some laughs and this was a quirky 43 minutes of TV, nothing to strenuous just easy going, the kind of thing the family could sit through (not like Terra Nova though). 

Seeing Michael Clarke Duncan sitting in a motorbike sidecar is quite unnerving though, should there be an accident I’m not so sure your car would come off best here.  I liked Duncan’s part in this although sometimes he does come across a little to softie, softie for me, done for the comedy of course but it doesn’t work every time especially when a little later he kicks the asses of two guys with guns. Geoff Stults again is quite funny, I really didn’t know to much about him. I can see The Finder growing week on week, especially now as we know who everyone is and I can’t think of a reason not to watch it again next week.

It was all harmless fun really, nothing to hide from, nothing that’s going to freak you out.  The Finder was very easy to watch and I thought it came across quite well, I’ll give you it’s not the best show on TV and from what I’ve heard it’s nowhere near as good as Bones
but I liked it, when I watch movies like this I always say it’s something you can watch and not worry about having to think to hard as you won’t get lost off (at least in this first episode).  It’s filmed in Florida so everything is bright and fresh, the criminals are mostly
bumbling idiots and Walter is a self confessed genius.
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