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Review: DEXTER 1.5 - Love American Style

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Not that much on the Ice Truck Killer this week, he must be getting tired of his killing spree, yeah right.  Not likely he’ll be back to his ways next week I have no doubt, this week concentrated more on a little sideline for Dexter and saw the successful release of the Ice Truck killers captive Tony Tucci.

Although the Ice Truck Killer didn’t kill anyone it didn’t stop the investigation moving forward.  Tony Tucci, was the captive security guard from the ice rink who at first was thought to be the Ice Truck Killer, last week we found that wasn’t the case and this week he was found alive.  Being the police they typically don’t give him to much time to rest and he finds himself being interrogated by Sgt Doakes and Debra who are looking for a lead in the investigation, they do get onto some important tidbits but nothing that is going to come into play for another episode or two just yet.

“Love American Style” was hugely focused once again on flashbacks to Dexter’s childhood as he tries to hold together his relationship with Rita, things aren’t going all that well so Dexter needs to be reminded of that prom date with the girl he didn’t like in high school. Rita can hold onto Dexter a little longer though, she has given him some food for thought after one of her colleagues tells her about a human-trafficker who brought someone from Cuba for her (that’s where the Cuba thing came from in season 6), problem is now they have gone missing. A challenge Dexter thinks, and before long he is on stakeout duty watching Jorge Castillo (The Cayote), it would seem that he is a murderous human-trafficker who needs to be dealt with by none other than Dexter, a sideline story that is hugely more entertaining than Doakes’ from the last few weeks.

I mentioned in the last review that I didn't really like Doakes, as you know he's not the biggest fan of "lab geeks", Dexter in other words. I thought it was hilarious when Doakes came walking into the office and says to Dexter "stop grinning like a f**king psycho and get back to work".

This is one of those episodes where there really isn’t a lot to say on the matter, little focus was given to the main Ice Truck Killer story line but, Dexter did kill someone at the end of this episode from the human trafficking clan, that could open up some doors I suppose as there is generally more than one person involved in that sort of thing.

It’s one of those episodes that you really don’t want to miss, although not that much is going on the little tidbits of the main story line are important so that you don’t get lost off.  Not the best episode but they can’t all be great, can they?
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