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The Week In Film: GOON

Friday, 6 January 2012

I told you the Friday movie post would be changing a little, don’t worry I will still be including all you need to know about what’s new at the cinema but I’m also going to take you through what may be worth your time on TV, pending what’s on TV or at the cinema will as always determine how long the post is.  Don’t like it or think it’s pointless, then hey let me know, you know me by now I can take it.

First we are off to the cinema and there is only one movie to mention from there this week as if I mention a certain other one regarding a former British Prime Minister then my father may well stop speaking to me, you get my jist, you know what I’m talking about right? Yeah I thought so.  Anyway on with what will be worth seeing this week Goon
starring Sean William Scott, Jay Baruchel, Liev Schreiber and Alison Pill.

I first heard of Goon a while back catching a little sneak peak trailer my first thought was Happy Gilmore updated with Sean William Scott who’s a hapless Ice Hockey player, reading about it in full I don’t think I was to far from the spot other than most of the fights will be on the rink in this movie.  Goon follows the story of a bouncer Doug Glatt (Scott) who is ignored by his intelligent family as an outcast, he visits a minor league Hockey game with friend Ryan (Baruchel), a fight breaks out at the game and they begin to taunt the visiting team causing one of their players to jump into the stands only to get headbutted by Doug.  Thinking nothing of it he heads home but gets a call from the team coach asking him to play for the team as an enforcer, a player who’s job it is to protect his team mates by fighting with the opposition.  I don’t think Goon will be a great movie but it should prove to be pretty funny, not sure I would pay cinema prices though.

Ok, so that's what's good at the cinema this weekend, one movie!  Don't worry though there is plenty on TV to keep you entertained, I haven't put anything here from Sky but there is never that much on their massive collection of movie channels, so I will go with whats on normal free TV.

Friday 6th January

More 4, 9pm The Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington
Film 4, 9pm Jeepers Kreepers 2, followed at 1105pm The Watchmen
5USA, 9pm, Universal Soldier Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

What I’ll probably watch on the night?  The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 at 1035pm guests include Hollywood star Gerard Butler, I’ll also be watching Spartacus: Gods of The Arena on Sky2 at 9pm as I’m wanting to get up to speed for Spartacus: Vengeance starting on Starz.

Saturday 7th January

BBC1, 1020PM Die Hard with a Vengeance (also in HD Sky 143)
Channel 4, 10pm Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (also in HD)
Channel 5, 945pm Philadelphia (also in HD)
ITV2, 915pm Bridget Jones Diary (also in HD)
Film4, 9pm Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Watch, 9pm The Missing (also in HD)
5USA, 9pm Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I’m watching a Blu-ray either the Hangover Part II or the Imbetweeners Movie, the review will follow in the week and I’ll also be watching The Jonathan Ross show on ITV1 at 9pm which stars Scouse comedian John Bishop. And Match of the Day.

Sunday 8th January

BBC2, 10pm Adventureland
Channel 4, 9pm (500) Days of Summer, followed at 1050pm by Employee of the Month
Channel 5, 740pm SWAT followed at 11pm by Reservoir Dogs (Celeb big
brother in the middle)
Film 4, 9pm Along Came a Spider followed at 1105pm by The 51st State
Sky Living, 10pm 28 Days

I’ll be watching Dancing on Ice earlier in the night and haven’t decided weather to watch a DVD or Employee of the Month which I have already seen.

Monday 9th January

ITV2, 10pm I Now pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Film 4, 9pm District 13 followed at 1050pm by Hunger
ITV4, 11pm Falling Down
SyFy, 11pm Splinter (A UK Syfy premiere)

I’ll be watching Mrs Browns Boys at 930pm on BBC1 and will maybe take in the Stfy premiere as I'm off work the next day.

I have cut this post short, sorry!  Want to know what's on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday then let me know about it and I will know to make this post a little longer next week, maybe you just want me to do cinema releases?  Let me know, otherwise I was tired and decided this could be updated if need be.
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