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TV Review: THE RIVER - A Better Man 1.4

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I thought this was supposed to be the most terrifying show on TV right now, seriously. In the last two episodes The River has only succeeded in boring me never mind scaring me, how about you? Were you expecting the most terrifying new show on TV to be like the Paranormal activity movies you have seen? I don't really have to much to say on this episode, I'll still watch the show and if I feel that something was particularly good or scary then I will put something down but don't expect to much effort.

I did laugh whilst watching "A Better Man", that was because of something that happened during the "Pilot", you know when they decided to travel down uncharted waters. That got them into all sort of problems and in "A Better Man" they decided to do exactly that again, do they really think that's a good idea after what happened last time? I mean you wouldn't would you? I also laughed at the local fruit seller on his river boat, what was he doing there? You would think with all the local legend and myth the locals would steer clear of that area even when they are not being disrespectful of local tribal culture.

In was the insulting of that local tribal culture that brought about the weeks main story and introduced us to Jonas. Jonas was the cameraman working for Emmett during his expedition. We bumped into him hanging from a tree just as the group had started serenading each other in song, you knew something , erm "scary" was going to happen once they started to sing and I'm not talking about their voices, although I wouldn't recommend any of them audition for the X Factor.

Jonas was under a local curse named "El Colgado", the hanging man. The tale was narrated to us through our usual source Jahel who usually no one listens to however, this week they did as security expert Kurt had also heard of this. The found footage was used well again to show us why Jonas had fallen foul of the local culture but it also showed that Emmett had warned him of his actions and on finding out what he had done he threw Jonas off the boat leaving him for dead in the jungle.

Emmett was searching for "The Source" and a "Magical Tribe", it would seem that forms the main part of The Rivers story as we also know that Kurt is reporting back to someone regarding "The Source". I guess that's all going to become apparent in the next few weeks, could we say that Kurt is in contact with Emmett and purposely steering the group in another direction? It would be an uncanny little twist. Kurt won the vote as leader of the boat but everyone knows it's Lincoln who they listen to, unless Jahel is telling a local tale. Lincoln's leadership on the boat was rubber stamped when the footage of Emmett was found and he said he regretted his decision to throw Ashton, sorry Jonas (Ashton Kutcher, anyone?) off his boat proving that Lincoln had made the right decision.

So, not scary but still ok I suppose. I can say the only reason I watch this show now is to see how it concludes, there are only three episodes left after all.
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