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TV Review: ALCATRAZ Season 1 Episode 6 - Paxton Petty

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Now That's straight out the 60's right? "Paxton Petty"? Who thinks of the episode titles? That's not a name that would jump straight to your head, unless this show is based on real Alcatraz inmates, who knows? Alcatraz was better again this week thanks to a little more in the way of answers (sort of) being provided, I still don't think the show is great but at least in the last couple of weeks it has done enough to keep my interest to watch the next week. That's something Lost was very good at, although the episode may not have been great there was still enough of a nail biter at the end to keep you watching. Alcatraz seems like it will follow that similar format.

The return of Paxton Petty was announced by land mines going off in Modern day San Francisco, as always our favourite Detective trio just happened to be on hand to attend with Doc knowing straight away who the culprit was. Again, the story of Paxton, the weekly guest star (James Pizzinato) was not really all that interesting, at least not to me. What was better is that Alcatraz has continued to develop the three characters we know, the ones who probably hold the key to the mystery of the 63's. In "Paxton Petty" they brought more characters into the story, characters from 1963 and it looks like something I mentioned during the "Pilot" review may just be right.

For the first time this week we saw Lucy Banjeree (Parminder Nagra) in action on Alcatraz in 1963, that's the lady who's in a coma in the modern day thanks to sniper Ernest Cobb in episode 2. From what I saw in "Paxton Petty" I would say that she is probably not involved with what has been happening to the prisoners, although she clearly knows that everything happening on Alcatraz at that time is not as it seems. Most notably her colleague, Alcatraz Dr Beauregard (Leon Rippy), his unconventional methods are somewhat called into question by Lucy who seems to share a mutual liking of the young Emerson Hauser, a police officer at the time not an Alcatraz warden. One thing about Lucy for me, has she just aged really well? Or has she not aged a day since 1963?

We got to see some more backing story of Rebecca's grandfather this week which proved a little interesting, maybe pointing towards the fact that he may the first person that was part of the mysterious goings on. He asked Lucy why he, a fit and able man was not put to work on the island but instead made to spend all day in the infirmary giving blood to Dr Beauregard. Lucy, of course had no answer for this but it takes me back to my theory from the "Pilot", could we be looking at some sort of DNA cloning? Or do you think Alcatraz is not that clever and the answer is far more simple?

The Paxton Petty story line really did not interest me to much but, there were things said that maybe give a little insight into things. First off was his comment when caught, about the fact he went to sleep a week ago, woke up and it's 2012, what's going on? Would that suggest time travel like I've mentioned previously? Petty was also talking to Doc about his time on Alcatraz and the conversations he had with the female doctor there. Doc, an expert on Alcatraz states that there was never a female doctor on Alcatraz which explains why he doesn't know Lucy. When Hauser finally caught up with Petty why when he asked how do you know me, he replied a friend of mine knew you? Hauser took him to Alcatraz.

So this far in and Alcatraz is starting to give us a little insight about who is responsible for the re-appearance of prisoners from 1963 in the modern day but, is it enough to keep you watching? personally, I still don't think this is a great show but we are starting to see flashes of something that can be made into a good show. I just hope they have a plan for where it's all headed. I will be watching next weeks "Johnny Mckee" and as always I'll be back to let you know what I think. 
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