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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.14 Wolf and Cub

Monday, 13 February 2012

This show really does just continue to get better and better, I mean last weeks "Root Cause" was really impressive and now "Wolf and Cub" has just gone and topped it again, I see now that Person of Interest has episodes going up to 17, a welcome return to the longer running season that you don't usually get in the hour long dramas anymore, they tend to stick with either shot seasons or just put out 12 episodes. I'm pleased to see that Person of Interest has taken on the competition in that way because right now it's winning the battle hands down.

I wasn't holding down to much hope for this episode, it's seemed that so far we have got a great 45 minutes then gone onto another more procedural type cop show. If Person of Interest has done anything in the last three, maybe four weeks it's proved that it's far from the procedural cop show with the plot thickening at every little twist and turn. In fact truth be told "Wolf and Cub" has been the most revealling and action packed episode this far and I absaloutly loved it. One more thing that put me off initally was information I received in last weeks comments that the kid playing "Cub", or Darren as he was in the show is the kid who went onto the U.S X Factor and gave Simon Cowell a good dressing down. My regualr reader and commenter Ruben suggested that I take a look at the kid on YouTube, which I did. He was a good rapper but shame about the attitude, turns out though that same attitude was worked extremely well into Person of Interest's story line this week and any failing Astro had during his X Factor performances was made up here where he certinly held his own against Jim Cavizel.

Reese is on the look out for real allies, in Carter and Fusco I think he has found them, the three work really well together on screen. Reese clearly doesn't trust Finch and from what we have seen so far Reese has every reason to be suspicious of the ever darker Harold. I said a few weeks back that I think he may well have killed Nathan Ingram, the man who designed "The Machine". Now with Ingram's son Will knocking arund Finch is starting to look very uncomfortable especially when Will told him he was going to meet with his father friens Alicia, who all of a sudden moved to Greenbank, West Virginia, a twon with no phones or Internet access. Alicia was more than happy to meet Will in New York but the moment Finch's name was mentioned she got out real quick so, is she working for Finch? Or does she know something about thim or "The Machine" that we don't yet. If Will keeps snooping will Finch have him killed? This far Finch has lead us to think that everything he is doing is good, really? I think Harolds past may be a lot darker than we know.

The action in "Wolf and Cub" was pretty relentless to, it seemed like Reese had watched back over all his previous favourites before opening up a can of whoop ass on just about every bad guy in this episode. I especially liked the scene where Reese drove the little gangsters SUV straight into them, man he looks cool when he does that but, mind you he does it quite often it's a wonder that he's never been caught. As well as the action Person of Interest incorporated in a few laughs, you have to admit Fusco getting shot in the ass was pretty hilarious, reminded me of Bad Boys 2.

Thf front running storyline and the melting pot of the machine story line also worked really well together, helped by the fact that the main story involving Darren and Reese was interesting even although we knew from the start who had done the shooting. The Machine is becoming a bigger part of the show week on week, it's almost it's own character, did you notice it got hacked again this week right at the end when it registered a security breach however, this time there was no closing down and running, the machine just selected to monitor the threat. Does that suggest that Finch does not have as much control over the machine as we all thought? Reese did raise a good point with him at the beginning of the episode, how can you get a new number when the machine is closed down?

I really do love Person of Interest, in what seemed like a pretty routine cop show to start we are getting a better and better understanding of what it's really all about, I can really see them getting another season order soon. I hope that Alcatraz can take a few leafs out of POI's book and bring in the same sort of quality. Next on POI it's "Blue Code", about dirty cops perhaps? Either way I can't wait.
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