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TV Review: THE RIVER 1.3 - Los Ciegos

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Following the impressive two part opener I was really looking forward to seeing how The River was going to move on, other than Keifer Sutherland's Touch and Spartacus Vengeance this is the show which has impressed me most so far this year. Roll up "Los Ciegos" (The Blind) a disappointing and somewhat boring episode which neither felt here nor there. Don't get me wrong "Los Ciegos" did have it's good bits which I will discuss but, if you have come to The River looking for super scares then I'm afraid "Los Ciegos" simply won't provide them.

I still love the way The River is filmed from the first person point of view, to me switching from the main shows HD to the shaky hand held camera is what works so well adding to the suspense for those scary moments. "Los Ciegos" had all that again but not the pace which we had endured throughout the opening two hours. I find that at times I do have to remind myself that we are watching found footage.

"Los Ciegos" saw the crew continue there search for adventurer Dr Emmett Cole, having ran into some supernatural difficulties during their previous effort the crew would be hoping for a nice quiet ride the rest of the way. Unfortunately for them they ran into The Morcegos, a local tribe who protect the Jungle from selfish foreign visitors. The Morcegos blind their enemy and then observe them deciding weather or not they are worthy of seeing the Jungle and continuing their journey.

The Morcegos where admittedly creepy but, scary? Not so much, we got to see them quite early on in the episode which for me took away from any mystery. Weather The Morcegos were real or not is another question, it may be that they are so talked about in local myth that they have become real to people. The eyeless Morcegos were probably at their scariest whilst trying to break into Tess' room via the skylight.

I still think that Kurt is going to be one of the best characters, a mercenary hired as security for the team is clearly working on behalf of some mercenary group in order to find the "source", when he went blind he made a call via his (not so) secret satellite phone asking for an Extraction from the Jungle. I think it will be interesting to see where this story goes, who are the group? And what is the Source? I'm presuming that it's not the source of the Amazon river they are looking for.

So, to cap things off there really isn't that much I want to say about The River this week, it was good, just not as good as the two part opener. Of course I'm not going to let one episode put me off watching the show, it's just a short season with 5 episodes left so I will be back for more. I of course want answers to the shows biggest questions up to now, what happened to Emmett Cole and what "source" are they looking for? The River continues next week with "A Better Man".
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