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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Blue Code 1.15

Monday, 20 February 2012

I always look forward to Person of Interest, it’s my Friday night squeeze and seemingly gets better and better with every little turn. As for “Blue Code” I initially thought it may just be another one of those throw away episodes that we get every now and again. Luckily, that turned out not to be the case and this episode continued to prove that Person of Interest knows exactly where it’s going, then some. Seriously, I thought this was going to be just like one of my previous favourite episodes “Mission Creep”, the only difference being that this gang dealt drugs as apposed to robbing banks.

The story at first seemed pretty cut and dry, Finch had a new number belonging to Michael Cahill a jewel smuggler who seemingly liked to dabble in a little drug trafficking, he was a criminal, simple. Not so much, this is Person of Interest remember. Michael Cahill is actually Daniel Tulley, an NYPD undercover narcotics officer who has infiltrated a group hoping to reach the mysterious L.O.S. who he blames for the drug death of his younger brother. As always it was left to Reese to discover just why this was whilst Finch sat happily behind his computer hoping that Root wasn’t coming back to snoop around in his back yard.

It quickly became clear to me that “Blue Code” was going to be one of the better POI episodes, it seems they have all been pretty solid lately. What I liked most about this week was the more prominent featuring of Detective’s Carter and Fiasco, sorry Fusco. They played a major part in this weeks show and it would seem like Reese is starting to get ready to bring them in, that means one thing for us POI fans, hopefully another season of this great show. All the mystery up to now needs to be explained, is Reese really a bad guy? Personally I doubt it, what about Finch? If the last few weeks have proved anything it’s that he is not all he seems, did he kill Nathan Ingram? This will all take more than the remainder of this season, especially if it’s delivered at the brilliant pace it has been up to now.

We have talked before about just how corrupt every cop in Person of Interest is, it seemingly went all the way to higher management but, now we know there is a dirty cop handling files for undercover cops, most probably selling the info to criminals. And the CIA are in on it to, that was played brilliantly in “Blue Code” as we weren’t to know the mysterious L.O.S. was actually a CIA operative until pretty much the end of the show, he got arrested as the cop promised and we can now presume thanks to Agent Cole (Reese’s nemesis) that L.O.S. has had his duty terminated. I think all this corrupt cop stuff is going to come back to “Witness”, remember Elias? He runs New York and as we know Reese didn’t kill him so, is he part of the bigger picture here? I guess we will have to wait and see.

It was great to see some more of Reese’s back story again this week, the last few episodes have focused more on Finch. Like then “Blue Code” used neat little CCTV views to go back to Reese’s time in the CIA. We now know that Reese’s wife left him for another man, a man who was suitably better for her than he was, most probably due to his job. I still don’t think he killed her though, if I’m any judge I’d say Agent Snow needs rid of Reese for a reason and that might just be it.

Once again Person of Interest delivered on every level, plenty of action, good story and solid performances from all the cast involved, Reese even got tortured. Person of Interest is getting better and better with every episode, I think this and Spartacus would be my picks of every week right now and I can’t wait for next weeks “Risk”.
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