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TV Previews: THE RIVER 1.4 - A Better Man, SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE 2.4 - Empty Hands, ALCATRAZ 1.7 - Johnny McKee, THE WALKING DEAD 2.9 - Triggerfinger, PERSON OF INTEREST 1.16 - Risk

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I haven’t done one of these posts for quite a bit now, no reason really other than I just haven’t had time. Not really, I was deciding which shows I should feature from the New Year line up and think I have it now, it’s a post I enjoy and it does well viewing wise so let me know what you think.
First it’s The River, I was really impressed with the two part opener but not so much with the third offering. It claims in this trailer to be taking America by storm, I find that hard to believe since its opening show got over 7 million viewers by the third that had dropped by half. In “A Better Man” it looks like The River will be getting back to what it done well at first, scaring us. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I have thrown Spartacus: Vengeance in firstly because it’s a show I love, it goes out in America Friday’s so this one is more for my English readers who like me will be watching this tomorrow night on Sky1HD. “Empty Hands” surely refers to the fact that Glabers latest Roman Legion have returned empty handed, well without Spartacus anyway but what will happen with Crixus who last week was captured allowing Naivia to escape.

This far Alcatraz has been a really disappointing show, the pilot was good, it sloped off but in the last two weeks it has made a little bit of a comeback for me, still not great but getting there you could say. For me “Johnny McKee” seems like an interesting story and I hope that we are allowed some more backing story into our main cast.

I have to be honest in relation to The Walking Dead, I do think it’s a good show but at times it just bores me shitless, last weeks return “Nebraska” was one of those episodes but I couldn’t think of enough words to cover my previous remark. Now that’s out the way though the show should hopefully start to pick up and hopefully people will start
to follow Shane rather than Rick, that way we can get back on theroad.

Last but certainly not least is my favourite Person of Interest, unfortunately I couldn't get a better preview other than the video below. It's not the best but from what I gather there is a new POI as always, he seems to work in Wall Street and is the most dangerous yet.

Person of Interest 1.15 - Blue Code review coming tomorrow.

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