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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Risk 1.16

Monday, 27 February 2012

Person of Interest really does continue to get better week on week, even though "Risk" was very procedural in story it did deliver a major card at the end of the episode, one I've mentioned a few times before. As always the weekly story focused on the latest POI number to be doled out by Finch's machine, the story was ok I guess but not as good as some of the more recent offerings like Wolf and Cub. I missed Fusco this week to, nor was there any further character development with Reese and Finch.

This weeks POI Adam Saunders (Matt Lauria), a Wall Street proprietary trader and the biggest hot shot at Baylor Zimm investment firm. Saunders hot shot status is thanks to his own hard work and research, unfortunately that lands him in need of John Reese's help when he notices there are irregularities going on with the firms trading. Considering bankers are not the most popular people in the world right now Person of Interest done a really great job of rubber stamping that fact. I was kind of hoping that Reese would kick Saunders ass, unfortunately that wasn't to be as after all he was a good guy and it appeared that Reese much preferred being driven extremely fast through New York in Saunders yupee Porsche 911.

Like I said above the story line was very procedural, over the last few weeks I've come to expect more from Person of Interest as the weekly characters have become more interesting and seemingly played a part in the bigger picture. "Risk" was very stand alone in premise and didn't offer up anything new into the background of Reese or the illusive Mr Finch. I do have to admit though, sometimes just to see Reese kicking ass is enough and so far Person of Interest has delivered backing story at great pace. For that reason I'm quite happy that we can get back on with it in the next couple of weeks especially given the reveal at the end of this episode.

Lets talk about that big reveal now, the return of Elias. The gangster who controls New York that we first met in "Witness" when he appeared as a school teacher being bullied into doing bad things. We found out at the end of "Witness" who Elias really was and I said then that he would be back to cause Finch and Reese some more problems later in the season. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they do this story, is Elias going to become a more prominent figure in weekly episodes of Person of Interest? I hope he does and maybe we will see Elias with his own story arch taking us into a second season of the show.

Lets not forget Elias is not the only problem that Finch and Reese have, there is also elite computer hacker Root, I've no doubt that character will be back and I don't think it would be out of the question to suggest that Root either is or works for Elias. Judging by the way that Detective Carter put Reese through to Elias at the end of the episode who's to know that she can be trusted? Did it not seem a little odd to anyone else? Why would she be speaking with him, has she turned to the dark side? Maybe we are going to see a switch in roles with Fusco becoming a good guy fighting for the greater good whilst Carter in order to protect he career will lead Elias to Reese, she offered him up to his old CIA buddies remember?

Which ever way the story goes I'm sure it will be a great ride getting there, the weekly POI's will continue to roll in and Finch and Reese are going to face a tough battle week on week to protect not only the POI but also themselves. I for one can't wait. 
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