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Review: GEORDIE SHORE Season 2: The Essence of Newcastle

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wetter Than an otters pocket, that's a new one up here in Newcastle, or maybe I'm just not quite hip enough to know about it. Either way I don't really care. Geordie Shore was back again last night with the second episode from it second season (officially), they all went to Magaluf for a couple of specials last summer remember. It was pretty much same old same old for the house mates, getting mortal (extremely drunk) usually to the point where at least one of them is incapable of looking after themselves (classy), would you really be going and getting yourself that drunk? Charlotte? Oh, yeah she did.

Join me as always to talk about what went down on the latest episode, with a full list of the music used in last nights show and all the names of bars and club nights that where attended.

Some Charva's

Rebecca still seems to be under some sort of illusion that she is extremely attractive, anyone seen her in real life? Honestly, because on TV she looks terrible, make up applied with a cement trawl. Jay seems to think she is attractive, and that's after he went for Vicky last year, personally I would stick with Vicky. Loved the way James described Rebecca, "she is like a radgy charva's pet rotweiller", I can second that, hope she doesn't come looking for me. What's a charva? take a look at the picture on the right, they are Charva's.

Charlotte left, feel a bit sorry for her actually, although she doesn't half bring it on herself, she went to Gaz's room can't resist that parsnip apparently, 12" parsnip at that. Gaz at lest if only a little did try to tell her no but she wouldn't take that for an answer. Upset, understandably but she has known Gaz for long enough now, he's not interested in a relationship and does not want to be tied to one woman so why does she keep doing it to herself. I'm sure she will be back next week head sorted and all that.

As much as I don't like Rebecca, I do think the new guy in the house Ricci is pretty funny, he has fitted in straight away but seems to have made the mistake that Jay did last year and fallen straight Vicky, she says she is committed to her boyfriend, it really doesn't seem like it and anyway Ricci knows how to treat a girl, right? Get her a kebab, she had butterfly's apparently.

The Big Fight - Gaz v Jay, really no winner was there? Just a bit of drunk pushing and shoving over nothing really. Being drunk Jay thought Gaz had shagged his bird, for once Gaz hadn't shagged anyone and was actually telling his mate the truth, you can't do that to your mates.

Bar's and Nightclubs

Florita's - located on Newcastle's diamond strip, very good club been in their a few times generally around the time that I don't remember to much.

Ohso - A club I have never been in but heard plenty about.

It was Tuesday, so in Newcastle that means it's Coozday, a club night that I have never been to but heard plenty about. It's not a bar it's an event hosted in a bar located within the Gate in Newcastle. It's supposed to be a pretty good night.

Geordie Shore Playlist

Katy Perry - Firework

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

Kelis - Bounce

David Guetta Ft Usher - Without You

There were two more tracks but unfortunately I don't know the names, any ideas? Make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with all the latest from Geordie Shore.
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