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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Could we be seeing I am Legend 2? It looks like it according to Deadline Warner Brothers have closed a deal with Ovebrook Entertainment to make another I Am Legend following their hit 2007 movie starring Will Smith. They are yet to announce weather the movie would be a prequel or a sequel, the latter may be more difficult as I remember Will Smith running into a group of Zombie looking sorts and blowing himself up along with his lab. I can see where there will be room for a prequel as the story in I Am Legend picked up as the man made virus had took over the world and people were being transported out of New York City, leaving Will Smith to carry the movie himself for the following two hours. That would leave plenty of scope for a movie running up to this.

Will Smith is yet to be back on board with the movie, saying he won’t commit until he has seen a script. Clearly though Warner Brothers are wanting to cash in on what was a massive box office hit grossing $584m worldwide, if they want Smith’s signature then I would imagine it would cost them at least $25m, small change when movies are making this sort of money. Asides from talk of I Am Legend 2 Will Smith is also in talks to bring back his unconventional Superhero character Hancock, again the movie is only in talks right now.
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