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TV Previews: ALCATRAZ - Clarence Montgomery 1.8, THE WALKING DEAD - 18 Miles Out 2.10, SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE - Libertus 2.5 and THE RIVER - Peaches 1.5

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alcatraz looks like another promising offering with this weeks "Clarence Montgomery", thing is he's not a criminal. Clarence was sent to Alcatraz an innocent man and it would appear that they know about that however, he turns up in modern day San Francisco like everyone else and starts killing people. The traits of an innocent man? I think not.

Following The Walking Deads lack luster return to TV last week we were served up the mighty impressive "Triggerfinger" probably the best episode since the season 2 premiere. That was thanks largely to the fact that it wasn't based on Hershal's farm and instead they were in town. This weeks "18 Miles Out" looks like it will continue in that vein of form whilst the two main leads finally lock horns.

I always enjoy Spartacus and this weeks "Libertus" looks like another impressive instalment that will bring back another old face. As Spartcus' most trusted right hand man Crixus has been captured he is returned to Capua and is ordered to return to the arena as a Gladiator, only this time the odds are heavily stacked against him with his hands tied he faces three Roman soldiers and then the return of former Batiatus house champion Gannicus.

I said in last weeks preview that the Rivers "A Better Man" looked quite scary, I couldn't have been more wrong there really was nothing game changing. This weeks "Peaches" does look very creepy though, of course 30 seconds is not much to go on so we'll have to wait and see.

The River 1.4 - A Better Man review will be out in the next couple of days.

I have done some rooting around for Person of Interest and from what I can see on CBS listings this week will be a re-run of "Get Carter", go check out my review of that episode.

Person of Interest 1.16 - Risk review coming later today, hopefully.
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