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Review: MADONNA Live at Super Bowl XLVI

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I have to say first off and it’s something you may have picked up on earlier if you read the music post that I’m not really Madonna’s biggest fan, not even of her older music so this was going to have to be some show to convince me. I’m not arguing that she’s a talented lady who has had and still has a very successful career, it’s just not for me.

They certainly do spend some money on these Superbowl half time shows, don’t they? Last years Black Eyed Peas performance was pretty impressive with all the neon lighting, now Madonna makes somewhat of a gladiatorial entrance surrounded by guys who looked like extras from Gladiator whilst miming to Vouge, one of her hits from back in the 80’s. It was ok I suppose then she broke into Music one of her more recent hits again, not really a bad job.

I’ve seen a lot of people slating LMFAO, ok they can’t sing at least not very well, I think they were miming to, but you have to admit they did liven up proceedings convincing 53 year old Madonna that she’s sexy and she knows it, any thought’s? LMFAO have just really come into the lime light last year, how do they bag a Superbowl gig so quick? Things got worse for me when Nicki Minaj and M.I.A came onto the stage to help Madonna perform (mime) her latest release Gimme all You Luvvin  which I talked about earlier today. I’ll be honest I would rather have seen ZZ Top up their performing their hit of the same name, a big sporting event calls for big ass guitars from guys with big ass beards who would probably have rode onto the stage on their motorcycle’s saving the organizers a fortune, I bet Madonna wasn’t paying for the Gladiator extras.

From Nicki and M.I.A, I thought I was in Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo festival when all those guys came out with their drums accompanied by Cee Lo Green, an artist I love but hadn’t read to many good things about for this performance. However, I thought he done a pretty good job at first then they broke back into one of Madonna's songs that spoilt it for me, sorry Cee Lo.

That circus act guy was pretty impressive using that wire line like some sort of bouncy castle, I imagine that would take some balance, if you fall wrong it’s going to hurt, right guys? All in all I thought it was ok, I liked the Black Eyed peas performance last year better although that was helped big style by the inclusion of Slash and his guitar. I suppose they have to appeal to a global audience and out of the 160 million or so people who watched the show I’m sure that some of them were fans of Madonna.

Remember yesterday I put out the movie sneak peaks for The Avengers and The Hunger Games which featured during The Super Bowl.
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