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Review: PERSON OF INTEREST 1.13 - Root Cause

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Person of Interest previous favourites "Mission Creep" and "Witness", now "Root Cause" takes over both as the flagship episode of POI's freshman season, so much action so many twists and so many old faces back, Person of Interest did what it does best delivering everything at a great pace wrapping up the one episode story nicely whilst leaving enough bait in our breath to come back next week for more as the story's main plot thickens with a new opponent in line for Reese and Finch.

"Root Cause" featured it's efforts on out of work government project worker Scott Powell, a man down on his luck who dares not tell his wife and two kids that he has been out of work for the last eight months. Almost broke he takes a job working for a temp agency at Congressman Delancey's fund raising dinner, being POI it was of course more involved than that and he became part of a conspiracy to kill the Congressman who was responsible for him loosing his job. Add in a computer hacker with skills to rival Finch and previous POI Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) and everything was set for an action packed thrill ride.

Although last weeks episode "Legacy" was not the best, it was still good to see Reese back doing what he does best, kick ass. He delivered on that once again this week big time right from the off when he was finishing off a previous POI up to the bathroom fight scene where he smacked the guy over the head with a hand dryer, he was great this week even reversing his car into a moving SUV in order to get Scott away from the FBI. When Reese is in this form it's hard to take your eyes of POI. An old face was back also to help Reese in his latest hunt, Zoe a POI from episode "The Fix" rounded off this brilliant episode. It would be good to see her on a more permanent basis and Reese may well need her as he is keeping Lionel busy watching Finch, that only leaves Detective Carter, as much as he kick ass he can't do everything himself.

As has been with the last few episodes of Person of Interest it's not the front running plot that was all that interesting, this week it was again all to do with the machine, just how clever it is and opening up the possibility of what could happen should it fall into the wrong hands. Root is the name of the potential new threat posed to the machine (it doesn't like being threatened remember?), not only is the technology under threat but also the lively-hood of both Reese and Finch who would end up doing quite a stretch should anyone find out about their little vigilante mission. Finch invited the hacker, a woman who's face we are yet to see into his network allowing Root access believing that no one was good enough to beat him on the computer, he was wrong and before we knew it he was mobile the old library shut down and they were having to destroy their mobile phones but who is it?

Saying that this weeks episode took more of a political line you thought at first that maybe someone in the corrupt Congressman's party had became aware of what Reese and Finch were up to, I don't think so, POI is was cleverer than that so what are the thoughts? Well, it could be a totally new nemesis for the two to work with that will see us run into a second season, or what if it's Elias, remember him? The gangster who supposedly runs the city. He would find the technology very handy, although the fact that everyone is afraid to speak out against him would say that he doesn't need it. I haven't got any better ideas, maybe it's the CIA looking for Reese, who knows? What we do know is that POI has never failed to keep us intrigued this far and it doesn't look like it's going to start anytime soon. One thing is for sure, I can't wait for next weeks "Wolf and Cub".
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