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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Matsya Nyaya 1.20

Monday, 30 April 2012

This really is the best show on TV right now isn’t it? Person of Interest was back from a three week break which in all honesty felt like a life time given the other garbage we have on TV right now. Following “Flesh and Blood” you were left wondering who the enemy would be now for Reese and Finch, question answered still Elias really as he runs the corrupt sector of the police force know as HR. There are of course other enemies and possibly a new HR leader now, “Matsya Nyaya” dealt with all of this brilliantly whilst also providing the story arc which will surely flow into the second season.

One of the best things about Person of Interest for me is the realism and believability, ok some of the stories are a little far fetched and the lines of dialogue between Reese and Finch are at times cheesy, but it’s the action which does it for me. John Reese is a guy like anyone else, yes he can kick ass but he isn’t invincible and when he gets kicked punched or indeed shot it hurts and Person of Interest doesn’t shy away from showing us that.

“Matsya Nyaya” translated to English means “law of fish”, the meaning in this episode, there is always a big fish and big fish live by laws. That brings me to the biggest fish of them all Elias, who you would think will run his criminal empire from prison, he still might, but clearly when he is away Captain Lynch is the head of HR. Not now as Fusco killed him, could Fusco be a bigger fish than we first thought? I think maybe he can, let’s not forget before Reese got into him Fusco was into all kinds of corruption, during that time I’ve no doubt that he worked himself up the ladder in someway, maybe even as Elias’ inside man. Honestly, I wouldn’t rule that out.

The main story this week was really entertaining, that isn’t always the case. The vast majority are procedural and pass us by as we watch the main story unfold in the background. I suppose the same could be said for this procedural as it did pass by whilst all the excitement happened in the background, but this one had a few unexpected layers and this weeks POI was in fact the victim and the perpetrator, you knew that Reese would win the day but it did add an extra dimension.

The flashbacks on Person of Interest are always so well handled and this week was no different as we were taken back to 2010 when Reese was sent with partner Cara to China in order to protect some genius computer software (any guesses) which needed to be extracted from a no go zone. So this was Reese’s first involvement with “the machine”
although he didn’t know at the time what he was getting into, it also delivered to us the reason the CIA want him dead.  Did you recognise the female CIA boss? Yeah, she is the one who met with Will Ingram a while back in New York, a pretty hard nosed woman you would think, yet she didn’t know how quick to get out of there when Harold Finch’s name
was mentioned. Yet another nod to fish, Finch is clearly a bigger fish than that of a geeky software engineer.

Just when you are sitting thinking to yourself that “Matsya Nyaya” is one of the best episodes yet, the final scene throws in another brilliant story arc, Reese’s partner Cara alive and well in New York eliminating the very CIA agents who tried to kill her. That’s good news for Reese in my opinion as Cara and him didn’t have any beef with each other they were simply carrying out an order from the CIA, who let’s face it wanted neither of them to return. So, now you would think that Cara will track down Reese and she can join his ever growing team.

Person of Interest really is bubbling towards an immense finale and I’m really looking forward to the second season, I've never known a show which give such depth to a machine, one which it would seem everything revolves around. I have some more questions that I would like answers to now. Is John Reese really a bad guy? He didn’t shoot Cara after all. Just who is Harold Finch? And, why are the CIA so frightened of him? Is Fusco a major fish? Or just caught up in a situation he can’t control? And finally is Cara the mysterious computer hacker Root? I suppose will have to wait and find out.
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