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TV Review: DEXTER - Waiting to Exhale 2.1

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This season of Dexter really is shaping up to show the promise everyone has been telling me, I thought the season premiere “It’s Alive” was good, but this served up better again. Kind of like the first episode this one saw a couple of loose ends which needed to be tied up (literally) from the premiere. The episode still served as a little bit of a continuation for me as everyone was still getting over their various encounters with Rudy (Christan Camargo), The Ice Truck Killer. That was until FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy showed up in order to setup a joint task force with Miami Metro to catch The Bay Harbour Butcher.

Lundy is famed throughout the FBI for his investigation skills into serial-killers, but has he got what it takes to match the skills brought by Dexter, The Bay Harbour Butcher, a title he seems quite proud of. I don’t know but I’m inclined to think that maybe Special Agent Lundy might get somewhere near to Dexter Morgan in this case, but I’ve no doubt that our favourite blood spatter lab geek will have some brilliant way of tampering with the evidence to point in some other direction.

Rita started to get into a bit more of the mood I was expecting her to with Dexter, her ex Paul was killed in a prison fight in the previous episode and she did listen to what he had to say about Dexter. Although she didn’t admit it to Paul she had followed things up and
finally started to ask Dexter some serious questions, the kind of which have backed him into a bit of a corner where he has had to admit to being an addict, really Dexter was using this as a way to get something off his chest, he is addicted to killing after all, but Rita took it in the opposite way and thinks her new perfect man is actually a Heroin addict and forced him into rehab.

Now to one of those loose ends, and the part of the episode which intentionally or not provided me with a little light relief. In the previous episode a young gang banger was killed by a dude named Little Chino, a man who it would appear runs Miami with an iron fist, or maybe a machete, however you look at it. That forced Dexter into a decision in “Waiting To Exhale” and very early on he shot up “not so” Little Chino with a double dose of M99 before strapping him to the table, however indecision was about to get the better of him and Huge, sorry Little Chino escaped. Dexter now has a problem, he needs to find
Little Chino before he finds him.

Dexter is left feeling guilty when a woman who came forward as a witness is murdered by Little Chino, something which wouldn’t have happened if Dexter hadn’t been indecisive. Thing is Dexter is now paranoid that Little Chino will be following him which leads him to a confrontation with Sgt Doakes who he mistakes for muscle-bound Chino. “Who else you got following you” asks Doakes. Dexter gets his man eventually though and with the extra tape in place he finally breaks his season 2 duck whilst Doakes is none the wiser.

Another brilliant episode and I particularly enjoyed the battle between Chino and Dexter, his size alone was an issue no matter how quick you are, he took some dumping too. Roll on Dexter, bring on Lundy.
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