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TV Previews: SPARTACUS VENGEANCE - Wrath of the Gods 2.10, TOUCH - Safety in Numbers 1.3, PERSON OF INTEREST - Flesh and Blood 1.19, AWAKE - That's Not My Penguin 1.6, MAGIC CITY - Pilot 1.1

Sunday, 1 April 2012

All the previews and trailers for your favourite US TV shows right here as always on Movies Music & Television.

I can't even begin to tell you just how much I'm going to miss Spartacus following the season finale. Good job I have the Blood and Sand box set to get through. The show has been relentless all along and the finale is going to be one immense battle between Spartacus and his freed slaves against Glaber and his legion of Roman soldiers. Thanks to Wikipedia and various other references we know that Spartacus wins the battle meaning their will be another season and we will probably see Glaber killed off.

I actually put the wrong name out for Touch in last weeks previews, I believe it should have read "1 + 1 = 3", or something like that. Never mind, you may recall I reviewed the "Pilot" episode of Touch and I do think it's a good show I just don't think it will hold my interest, if all we are going to see every week is Keifer Sutherland connecting peoples lives then I think I will get bored quick. I haven't reviewed the second episode and don't imagine that I will be reviewing this one either. The preview does look pretty good, but remember it's only 30 seconds long.

You know I love Person of Interest and as always it looks like the show will deliver big time as usual. "Identity Crisis" was pretty kick ass and "Flesh and Blood" looks better again, last time round Carter was not speaking with Reese and seemed to be considering the option of helping out the FBI however, in the latest episode her son who we haven't seen much of is kidnapped and their is only one man who has the skills to get him back. I really think we might get to learn quite a lot during this episode and who knows Finch may even do some "X" again. 

Awake is a show where the sun is usually shining, I don't think there will be any penguins involved. I have to be honest I really do like this show but I haven't got round to watching "Oregon" just yet. Am I going to review it? Well maybe I should, I'm not going to go right back to that second episode but maybe I'll start with Oregon and see how we go from their, I will have that for you tomorrow. This preview looks pretty impressive I must say and the dreams seem to be getting more and more realistic.

I posted the trailer for Magic City the other week so, for that reason I'm not going to put it here again. The show looks pretty impressive and to be granted a second season before your first episode has even aired is quite an achievement these days. If you want to check out the trailer and synopsis for Magic City then click HERE to check them out.
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