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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Identity Crisis 1.18

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Person of Interest is back following a couple of weeks break with some freshness in it's blood thanks to it's second season renewal which was confirmed two weeks back. I was looking forward to it, it is my favourite show after all. I was expecting plenty of action and maybe a little more insight into Finch and Reese. "Identity Crisis" was kick ass, there is no doubting that, in fact it's a while since we saw Reese kick ass so soundly before shooting someone in the leg whilst in their MDMA lab, what "Identity Crisis" failed to do was give away to anything revealing, apart from maybe the ending.

This week's POI was Jordan Hester, really it was two POI's, two people leading one life. One Jordan Hester was a bar tender and seemingly the criminal from the off, turns out he was only trying to live the life that his impostor was living in his name. The weekly premise was interesting enough and like I said above it did offer plenty of kick ass moments along with a great laugh, the story flowed well as always and the episode gave Detective Fusco the chance to shine over Carter for once.

I have to talk about what is one of the funniest things I have seen on the show, following Finch's embarrassing photo fit image last week the joke was really on him yet again, that gave us a great opportunity to see a whole other side to everyone's favourite computer hacker. Finch on drugs is just plain hilarious, he was drugged by the female Jordan Hester (the real drug dealer) and what followed with Finch dancing and then staring at the microwave was just great fun to watch. It put me in the mind of Bad Boys 2 when Martin Lawrence is drugged before going to the bosses house "this is nice f**king fish, big f**king eyes but a nice f**king fish", I love that scene and Michael Emmerson done a great job of making it equally as enjoyable on TV as it was on the silver screen.

I'm not normally the biggest fan of Fusco but in this episode he really did turn hand and proved for me that he really is a good guy, he was involved with picking up a drugged Finch and returning him to safety, that was very funny too. Fusco also went the extra mile for the guy in prison who was innocent. Fusco took a front line with Reese and Finch this week as Carter is still not speaking with Reese, that's a story line which could also open up a whole new angle to Person of Interest.

The FBI are wanting to expose the CIA, and they think the best way to do that is find Reese, they know or at least they say he done terrible things for his country and they believe he is still doing terrible things back on domestic soil. Everyone keeps saying that Reese is dangerous, he is very good at martial arts I'll give him that but I don't think I've seen him cause anyone who didn't deserve it real harm. The FBI are into recruiting the help of Carter who had  bit of a struggle with her conscience, she didn't reveal that she knows their mystery man but it's definitely something she is considering. Will she join in with the FBI in bringing down Reese and Finch? Or will she join them and fight for the greater good?

Problem the FBI have is that they think Reese works for Elias, maybe he does and just doesn't know it. It definitely means that Reese has someone else to look over his shoulder for, he now has the FBI, Elias and some mystery female computer hacker named Root after him so he has plenty ducking and diving to do. You would think Reese would have taken the opportunity when Finch was drugged to ask him anything, Finch even invited him to do so. Why didn't he? Does he think it's a cheap way out? Or has he taken the stance that it's best not to know, ask no questions, get no lies.

So, is John Reese really the person we all think? Is he even called John Reese? I'm not sure exactly how much to make of this as Finch was still on the come down when he said it but right after Reese declined the offer to "ask him anything" Finch walked away and said "good night Nathan". He was pretty serious and it was a great way to leave the episode, don't you think? Person of Interest really does continue to get better week on week and I cant wait for "Flesh and Blood" which airs April 5th.
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