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TV Previews: THE WALKING DEAD 2.12 - Better Angels, SPARTACUS 2.7 - Sacramentum, ALCATRAZ 1.10 - Clarence Montgomery, THE RIVER 1.7 - The Experiment

Sunday, 11 March 2012

All the previews for this weeks top US TV shows, check out the trailers below.

The Walking Dead is a show that was really beginning to bore me somewhat, but recently that seems to have changed and I have really enjoyed the last few episodes. Ok, the shed in this episode is locked, would you really un-bolt it and go in knowing what Hershal had been hiding in the barn all along? Of course you wouldn't but if they didn't go in then this would be a really boring show wouldn't it.

Spartacus gets better and better every week and I have no doubt that this one will be any different. It seems Glaber is wanting to put on a show of force to Spartacus and his army of freed slaves but in sending the message I imagine he makes an enemy of Gannicus who will no doubt be sticking around to help out Spartacus.

We seemed to have hit a mix up with Alcatraz, a couple of weeks back I posted the preview for "Clarence Montgomery" thinking it was on the following night. The rain hit the Daytona 500 meaning the show was cancelled and they came back with the double bill the following week, that meant that this episode was pushed to number 10, at least that's all I can figure. I quite like the look of this latest offering, an innocent man locked on Alcatraz for a crime he didn't commit. I think we might be getting more of the bigger picture delivered in this episode again.

I'm not going to go into The River in any great detail, I watched last weeks "Dr Emmet Cole" and up to writing this I couldn't come up with anything to say about it, that may or may not have changed by the time you read this. "The Experiment" is of course the season finale of The River and it promises answers, for me that's pretty much the only reason I will be watching it, check out the preview and let me know what you think. 

From what I can see there is no new Person of Interest this week it's a repeat of episode 16 "Risk" and on Thursday night CBS has NCAA Basketball on.
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