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TV Review: THE RIVER - Peaches 1.5

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ok, that’s it I’m officially board with The River, does anyone even watch this? I said in last weeks previews that The River bills itself as the most terrifying show on TV, and the preview seemed to back that up. That is at least until you watch “Peaches” and realise that nothing is going to scare you because you can see the story coming from a mile off. I’m at the stage now where I will watch The River’s final two episodes only to see what happened to Emmett Cole, other than that I’m really not interested so I’ll keep this review brief.

“Peaches” was the title and the episode took a slight Alcatraz / Person of Interest twist focusing on one individual, that was crew member Lena and Peaches was the nickname her father gave her. Her father was Emmett’s camera man and pretty much up until this point she is the only person who has cared about finding him. The previous episode “A Better Man” gave us a slight new angle introducing us to Jonas Emmett’s other camera man who did promise even if just a little to move the story on, it was Jonas this week who seemed to take an interest in Lena and actually bothered to find some footage of her
father for her to watch.

Considering this is such a short series, seven episodes, and considering the pace that it started with you would expect this show to be further on by now, maybe we can expect two very fast very revealing episodes to come. Weather that’s the case or not I really
don’t think they will be that interesting. I can’t see The River coming back for a second season, I think everyone including me was expecting just a little more from this show.

I would think in the next couple of weeks that we will find whatever this “Source” that Emmett was looking for is, if we do, that can be the only new angle that gets thrown into this show right now. If Kurt contacts whoever it is he speaks with on that satellite phone and they turn up things could get interesting. That’s providing it’s not actually Emmett himself that he is in contact with. Even then would you be interested? More twists and turns have been needed in this show and I think we will all forget about it very quickly.

What are your thoughts on The River? Do you enjoy the show? Do you feel like you have wasted five hours of you time so far? Do you think it will get any better? Let me know. I will watch the last two episodes as I said above and I have no doubt that the reviews will be similar in length to this one.
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