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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Baby Blue 1.17

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Babysitting? Yeah babysitting, that's what Reese and Finch were up to in "Baby Blue" when the machine spat out the number of a baby who was in danger. Did that let up on the kick ass action? Not at all. Person of Interest was as good as it always is and didn't let up in story or action. As the plot thickens Reese is into the enemy for help, Carter is doubting Reese and Finch's credentials and Fusco is struggling to stay on the right side of the law. It was a good change of pace with the baby this week and Person of Interest delivered us some laughs which I personally can relate to with Finch and Reese attempting to change nappies and then loosing Leila who was later found with something a six month old simply shouldn't be playing with.

Leila Smith was this weeks POI she is a six month old baby who has been put up for adoption, that is until her number rolls out of Finch's machine. Leila is at first a bit of a mystery until Finch found that she was the daughter of a receptionist who had been killed in what was supposedly an accidental fire, the father at first was believed to be Bradley Petrosian the son of a wealthy business man who owned a company of the same name. It turned out that it was actually married company Director Adnan Petrosian who was the father, he'd had an affair with the receptionist which his wife found out about. She hired someone to torch the house kill the mother and then kidnap the baby who would then be smuggled through to Eastern Europe.

"Baby Blue" started with another POI Gianni Moretti, an Italian Mafia Don being released from prison, his life was also in danger. Truth is Moretti's the son of New York kingpin Elias (doesn't look Italian does he?) and it would seem that Elias wants him dead, but why? Mr Moretti is clearly not a fan of the police either. Reese and Crater decide to tail Moretti home, I should say tail him badly. They weren't exactly doing a good job of hiding themselves were they? Any how that got us off to a good start with Elias attempting a hit on his father which was scuppered in brilliant fashion by Reese and Carter, meaning Carter got her way and Moretti went into hiding.

It was evident after about twenty minutes that Reese and Finch were going to need more help to protect baby Leila, whoever was after her was very well organised and heavily armed. Reese of course found out it was an Eastern European gang. "What you gonna do?" asked Finch. Reese does what we expect him to, storm the bar of the local Eastern European gang and kick all of there asses, he nearly went so far as to ask for their clothes, their boots and their motorcycles. It was nice to see that Reese still had the energy following his storming of the Petrosian household and kicking their lame ass security guards ass. Plenty of action as always, I thought it was great.

Whilst all of this tough guy action is going on "Baby Blue" did deliver us some funny moments. Reese and Finch trying to change nappies and then when baby Leila got out the makeshift crib made of books, they trained her well, six months old and she was ready to deploy tear gas on her potential kidnappers. In all seriousness I and I'm sure you can relate to the panic which sets in when you quickly pop into the kitchen and return to the living room and think "Shit", where has the baby gone, trust me they can roll behind the sofa pretty quick causing your heart to jump into your throat, mind you I've never caught either of mine with a tear gas grenade, they generally have the TV remote.

Person of interest done a great job again this week of pulling together the weekly story line and the bigger picture with Elias involved from the start. Why would Reese even consider going to this guy for help? Does Reese think Elias owes him a favour? I don't think it works like that he's not a criminal mastermind for nothing. Elias did agree to help but you knew as much as we didn't want it to happen that Reese would get double crossed, am I the only one who found seeing the baby in the refrigerated truck a little disturbing? It did add realism I'll give you that, and yeah I know it wasn't a real baby but that quick shot does get you, I noticed to, that they didn't show Reese taking Leila out the bag, guess they can't actually put a real baby into a bag.

So, another brilliant episode of POI and there are now only three episodes left of this first season. We now have a new angle with Gianni Moretti being released from prison, will he join with his son? Or will Elias kill him? Maybe Reese can have him in his pocket too and Moretti can help bring down Elias. Which ever way POI goes I'm sure it will be brilliant and I'm pretty sure we are going to see a second season of the show (hurry up and renew it CBS). Person of Interest continues to go from strength to strength and and can't wait to see how it pans out.

Side Notes

Did you see Finch's photo fit when the Amber alert went out for the missing baby? Man that was funny, he looked like the teacher from South Park.

Detective Schemanski? Where do they think of these names? Pleased he got shot at the end of the episode meaning I don't have to attempt to spell his name every week.

Is that the oldest six month old baby you have ever seen? I don't know any six month old baby that can stand up or crawl away, Reese made a good point "She can't walk Finch".
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