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Blu-ray Movie Review: TAKERS (2010) Starring Idris Elba, T.I and Paul Walker

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I’ve been sitting on my latest rental from LOVEFiLM for well over a week now, I’ve just not had the time. I really didn’t know to much about Takers and can’t remember hearing all that much about it when released. I didn’t let that put me off and I’m pleased about that because of all the movies I have seen lately this is one of the ones I have enjoyed the most. Seriously, if your looking for a good action thriller then this is your squeeze.

Takers Starring: Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy, Jay Hernandez, Chris Brown, T.I. and Zoe Saldana.

The Plot

Gangsters Gordon Crozier (Elba), John Rahway (Walker), A.J. (Christensen), Jesse Attica (Brown) and Jake Attica (Ealy) are celebrating in grand style having just completed their latest high end back robbery, meanwhile their former crew runner Ghost (Tip “T.I.”
Harris) is released early from prison with inside information on a job he wants them in on, problem is they usually leave a year between jobs this needs to be done in a week. The siege of an armoured truck carrying $30m with Russian Gangsters also getting a cut, throw into the mix hard nosed Detective Jack Welles (Dillon) and your left with a classy action thriller where no one knows who can be trusted.

The Verdict

Do you remember 2007’s American Gangster with Denzel Washington, yeah? Well think of his character Frank Lucas, the way he held himself the way he rose to the top of the pile. He was never flashy never done anything out of character that could arouse suspicion. Take that turn it on it’s head and think more like 1995’s Heat starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, knock 20 years off the actors and you are left with Takers, a much faster paced and harder hitting action movie than Heat was. That’s not to say Heat was a bad movie, I thought it was great but, if it’s something like Heat you want to see and don’t have the three hours of your time to give up then believe me Takers is a well worthy opponent.

The action in Takers is top notch and right up there with the best I have seen, not only do you get great action here but there is also a worth while story which has you rooting for the criminals more than the cops. Takers is exactly the type of action movie I love, one I
could watch time and time again. It’s helped by a star cast and one surprising but worthy inclusion, four of the main cast stood out for me. Idris Elba first off playing crime boss Gordon Crozier, then you have Hayden Christensen an actor I haven’t really seen to much of but man can he kick ass and with some style too, I’ll then move to Michael Ealy I know plenty about him and as always he doesn’t disappoint, his on screen brother and surprise of the movie is rapper Chris Brown who turned in a sublime performance. I’m not a massive fan of Chris Brown as I’ve stated before but I think Hollywood action roles will be
coming calling following this performance.
Matt Dillon plays Detective Jack Welles and I have to be honest along with the four mentioned above Dillon really adds some intensity to this movie. Again, I’m not his biggest fan but this may be the perfect sort of role for him. I’m not a person who can see Paul Walker as a kick ass action man, I’ll agree the guy is good at driving fast cars but as far as beating people up goes, not for me. In Takers he doesn’t do to much of that but shadowing what the Directors and Producers say in the extras he does have a sophisticated smooth suave about him kind of like Steve McQueen, he always seems one step ahead managing to talk or think his way out of a situation as apposed to causing a huge punch up.

Honestly, if you haven’t seen Takers than I can’t recommend it highly enough. If there is one thing that disappointed me it was the fact I watched it on an afternoon, meaning I had no beer to watch it with. Takers is top draw Saturday night entertainment with a brilliant story and loads of pumped up action from a brilliant cast. Finally on the verdict, I’ve seen a lot of hate thrown at this movie because it’s a blatant rip-off of The Italian Job, I have never seen either version of that so can’t compare.

Sound & Colour

As always with Blu-ray the picture quality is brilliant, I would expect noting less. As far as the sound goes, it could have been better. Usually when I review Blu-rays I say that I have to turn down my TV at certain parts, even in The Hangover. In Takers I didn’t have to do that and feel like they were holding back, even drowning out some of the audio in the explosive action scenes.

Blu-ray Special Features

Trailers - It should probably say advertisements for all Screen Gems and Sony Pictures productions, telling you to take a look at the BD Live features on your disc - Then there are some trailers which I didn't watch.

Commentary with Director Jason Lessenhop, Producer Will Packer, Producer Jason Getter and Tip "T.I." Harris - Speaks for itself really, watch the movie again with commentary from the Director and producers.

Executing The Heist: The Making Of Takers - Writers came up with the story after Seeing Heat starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. The directors say There is nothing that Idris Elba can not do, I have to agree with that one. This really was the directors hats off to the cast, who admittedly are all super cool throughout this movie. It Was really good to see that the actors done most of the stunts themselves, even live action sequences with them running through the street. They insisted on moving cars in order to get their blood pumping.

Take Action - This is the perfect extra for this movie as action was at it's most paramount, kick ass is not the word. I agree with the writers and Directors Chris Brown is absolutely amazing in this movie considering his acting experience, also brilliant was Hayden Christiensen who kicks ass. It was really good to see how they done the Helicopter explosion at the beginning of the movie, it the went on to show all the effects behind the armoured vehicle siege, no wonder things cost so much.

Yeah Ya Know (Takers) By T.I. Music Promo - A look at all the movies best bits with T.I. track "Yeah Ya Know" in the background, kind of a shorter version of Take Action.

The Music
In a movie which was produced by T.I you can expect plenty rap music even in the extras and that’s exactly what you get, they also throw in a little rock for you heavy action entertainment.

Would I watch it again?

Absolutely, to all the Takers haters out there just take it for what it is, good fun.

Rating: MMM
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