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New UK Cinema Releases: 9th March 2012, THE RAVEN, JOHN CARTER and BEL AMI

Friday, 9 March 2012

Can’t say I’m all that excited about what’s at the cinema this week, maybe they have just burnt themselves out in the last couple of weeks.  This week there is a new Disney epic adventure, a new thriller and one romantic drama which stars Twilight’s Robert

My top release this week would have to go to The Raven starring John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alica Eve and Brendan Gleeson

I haven’t heard a great deal about this but it’s based on the life of poet Edgar Alan Poe, fictionalised of course it follows him on the last days of his life as he peruses a serial killer who's murders mirror those of his own stories.

Probably my pick of the week, although I do think it will be pretty intense and full on, I probably won’t get round to seeing it if I’m honest.

Next up it's the release I’m least excited about, don’t even think the wife will be watching Bel Ami starring Robert Pattinson, Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas

Not being interested in this movie at all there is not all that much I can tell you about it, I think it’s a period drama, in which Pattinson stars as Georges Duroy a young man who rises to power in Paris using nothing more than manipulation of women who have high standing in the city.

Sounds fascinating, right? Yeah like me you are giving this a wide birth to can’t say I blame you.

Last one to mention now John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton and Willem Defoe

This is the new Disney epic I mentioned at the top. It follows John Carter, of course, as he is transplanted to Mars. When on the plant he finds it to be a beautiful place however, Carter finds himself a prisoner of the 12-foot tall green barbarians which inhabit the planet before he make an escape where he meets Dejah Thoris Princess of Helium who is in need of saviour.

I’ve no doubt Disney will probably want to make this some sort of series of movies, it seems to me a bit like Avatar, a movie which I’m yet to see. John Carter would probably have been my top pick but I’m just not into this type of movie, enjoy the trailer.

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