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TV Review: DEXTER - Truth Be Told 1.11

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

TV shows really just don’t get any better than Dexter do they? As promised I’m back with my latest review from season 1 in “Truth Be Told”. Dexter came back impressively following the last two episodes which I found a bit of a drag, “Truth Be Told” was a brilliant episode and although I did nod off (through tiredness, not boredom) at one point I still remember enough about it to get this down on paper.

Dexter’s first season is definitely building to a spectacular finale, with the pieces finally starting to drop into place, Dexter himself grows suspicious of Rudy and begins to investigate why he was sent to room 103 at the Marina View Hotel, what’s the connection of that number Dexter and Rudy? Dexter finally comes up with the solution when he looks into a crime which Harry investigated back in 1973 when Dexter’s biological mother was killed. In the mean time The Ice Truck Killer strikes again killing the prosthetic arm prostitute who was linked to Batista in “Seeing Red”. The ever growing suspicions of Dexter are enhanced further when coincidentally Rudy has an injury to his lip and Batista has teeth marks in his head, on that Dexter has Rudy's DNA analysed along with samples from The Ice Truck Killer.

It’s not all plain sailing for Dexter though, he has his own problems. Sgt Doakes is growing ever more suspicious of Dexter believing he is hiding something, but what is it? Does Doakes think Dexter is a killer or does he believe that Dexter is in someway connected to The Ice Truck Killer and is withholding vital evidence in the case. Which ever one he suspects he is right but it just wouldn’t be as much fun if he found out would it? Dexter of course doesn’t help himself in the case as Doakes catches him out lying on at least three occasions from what I recall.

This whole episode featured on what we all love about this show, Dexter himself and the main plot of The Ice Truck Killer, very little time was spent dressing around things and everything focused on delivering what you would probably say is one of the best build ups to a finale of all time. If you read this blog often then you’ll know that I only got into Dexter maybe a year ago watching season 5 and 6. In Michael C. Hall I’ve found an actor who I think I would watch in anything, this guy really is brilliant and when he is on screen you simply don’t want to divert your attention, I never saw Six Feet Under but I’m seriously considering going over that sometime.

“Truth Be Told” is up there with “Return to Sender” as far as season 1 episodes go, I really enjoyed this and just when you think it can’t get any better Dexter pulls together all the pieces discovering that Rudy is The Ice Truck Killer and his sister is in a very dangerous
situation, secrets out, great move onto the finale, no no. This is Dexter cue another scene with Rudy revealing himself as The Ice Truck Killer to Debra tying her up on his boat before sailing off, roll end credits. Now that’s how you build up to a finale.

I’m so pleased I’m not watching this as they go, luckily for me I could roll straight into the season 1 finale and before you read the full review which will be coming in the next day or two, just trust me when I say that it wasn’t disappointing at all.
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