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Movie Review: KNIGHT & DAY (2009) Starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

Thursday, 15 March 2012

It’s Saturday night there is nothing on TV I don’t want to watch repeats so I suggest watching Knight & Day, from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look to bad and I’m not really in the mood for anything which requires me to think that hard.  Turns out that Knight & Day served that purpose rather well, but in all honesty I was prepared to think a little harder than was required during this movie.

Starring: Tom Cuise, Cameron Diaz, Paul Dano, Jordi Molla and Peter Sarsgaard

The Plot

June Havens (Diaz) is a normal girl on her way back home to attend a dress fitting for her sisters wedding, on her way she bumps into Roy Miller (Cruise) a secret agent who has recently discovered that he wasn’t supposed to survive his latest mission. June’s life becomes tangled in Roy’s when his supposed colleagues turn up and tell her that he has gone rouge and stole the “Zephr”, a new alternative energy source. Cue some world wide jet setting as Roy and June attempt to keep themselves one step ahead of the people trying to kill them.

The Verdict

So, did Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz make this movie when they had nothing better to do with their time? Seriously with such a heavyweight cast I was expecting a lot more. I know it is supposed to have a lighter hearted side to it but trust me when I say it’s terrible, not funny, action is poor and at times this movie simply made me cringe. I suppose you could go with the verdict that Knight & Day is what it is, a movie which requires very little effort on your part and probably perfect for a tired night on the sofa when you can’t be bothered to use your brain to much.

When Knight & Day was released into cinema’s in summer 2010 it was billed as THE summer “Blockbuster”, I can only say that I’m pleased I didn’t spend the money getting into the cinema as that would have left me more disappointed than watching it on DVD. Far from the “Blockbuster” I was promised Knight & Day is essentially a star vehicle for Cruise and Diaz, supposedly a action / comedy movie. Not in my book. Yes there was action in the movie but it was mostly over the top, ridiculous and not believable. Diaz has been convincing in previous roles as a bit of a tough nut, sadly that’s not the case

Away from the two lead characters the backing cast and supposed bad guys have also been attached to pretty decent movies in their time, quite why they signed on for this is anyone’s guess. Jordi Molla (Bad Boys 2), Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead) and Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), all decent actors who have been in very good movies, Kinght & Day is as hammy as they come.

As you’ve probably guessed I didn’t enjoy this movie much at all, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t laugh but mostly I was laughing at the bad action, some of the jokes worked and a couple of the one liners tickled me but ultimately Knight & Day is a throw away action movie which delivers fun without much thought and in my book won’t be making any top 10 lists.

Would I watch it again?

I wouldn't have thought so.

Rating: M
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