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TV Previews: SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE - Monsters 2.9, ALCATRAZ - Garret Stillman 1.12 & Tommy Madsen 1.13, TOUCH - Safety in Numbers 1.2, PERSON OF INTEREST - Identity Crisis 1.18, AWAKE - Oregon 1.5

Sunday, 25 March 2012

I don’t really know what to say about Spartacus: Vengeance this week other than I’ve no doubt that as usual it will be brilliant. It would seem that this week there is going to be a lot more battle action particularly at Mount Vesuvius. This is the last episode before next
week’s season finale which again I’m sure will be great and I’ve no doubt that we will be seeing another season of this brilliant show.

As far as Alcatraz goes I can say that I’ve maybe enjoyed about four episodes, but like I said in the “Webb Porter” review last week, I never get that “I can’t wait to see it next week” feeling with this show. Webb Porter bored me crazy but I have to admit that this week’s two hour finale would seem to give us some answers to the questions we all have. Weather it will wrap up everything thinking it won’t get a second season, or weather it will leave some stones unturned for a possible second season we will have to wait and see but I’m honestly not all that intrigued about the Alcatraz finale.

You may remember back in January or February this year Keifer Sutherland's new TV show "Touch" started on Fox. It's back now with it's second episode and again like Spartacus I will watch this show along with the UK, as we are only a few days behind the U.S. It goes out here Tuesday 27th March 2012 at 8pm with this episode named "Safety in Numbers". I was really impressed with the "Pilot" and will be watching again on Tuesday, actually make that Wednesday as I'll be watching Alcatraz on Tuesday, check out the preview below. By the way music in the background is Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Everbody's on the Run, one of my favourite songs.

My favourite show on TV is back this week in the shape of Person of Interest, now that Reese and Finch have been relived of their babysitting duties they can get on with their real job of kicking ass. That kicking ass has recently earned this brilliant show a second
season and I for one can’t wait. This week’s instalment looks to be another good one but I think it will be more procedural cop drama (You know, Reese shooting people in the leg) than actually revealing anymore on our two main characters, on saying that this is only a
thirty second clip so maybe they are keeping those bits for the actual episode.

Awake is a show which I really enjoy, I did mean to get round to reviewing the second and third episode but I just haven’t had the time, I watched last week’s “Kate is Enough” and stand by what I said in the “Pilot” review, that this show even without the Sci-fi twist is a decent enough cop procedural drama. This weeks “Oregon” seems to be taking us more down the Sci-Fi route though, and if this short clip is anything to go by then I think we will all have a few new questions as to just what is going on in Michael Britten’s head in this show.

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