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TV Previews: ALCATRAZ - The Ames Brothers 1.8 & Sonny Burnett 1.9, THE WALKING DEAD - Judge, Jury, Excutioner 2.11, SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE - Chosen Paths 2.6, PERSON OF INTEREST - Baby Blue 1.17, THE RIVER - Dr Emmet Cole 1.6

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Back again delivering to you all the latest in TV previews from your favourite US and UK shows, first up,

Alcatraz rolls into it's eighth and ninth episode, "The Ames Brothers" (I called it Clarence Montgomery by mistake last week) should have aired on Fox last week but with the rain in the US on Sunday it meant that the NASCAR Daytona 500 race was delayed, I believe that's a 500 kilometre race and takes some time to get through on TV. Saying that it would probably have been more entertaining than Alcatraz you can guess which one they cancelled. To see the the "The Ames Brothers" preview click the link to last week's post, otherwise check out the "Sonny Burnett" preview below.

So far The Walking Dead has not really been setting the world alight as they say, yet it still attracts eight million viewers every week. I have to be honest, I have really enjoyed the last couple of episodes, although I don't review the show I will put something together at the conclusion of the second season. This next episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner" looks like another promising instalment to the series, take a look at the trailer below.

Next up it's Spartacus: Vengeance, I have a mid season review coming for you on Monday so be sure to look out for that, with last week's "Libertus" being probably the best episode yet this week promises to be even better again. The return of Gannicus should add some intensity to things, especially as it's inevitable that he will join with Spartacus' slave rebellion, also Ashur get a taste of his own medicine this week whilst Glaber is still coming to terms with the fact his wife no longer loves him.

Now with a title like "Baby Blue" I was expecting the weekly Person of Interest to be a rookie cop or something like that, turns out I was wrong in my guess and it would seem that Reese and Finch are in for a spot of babysitting this week when the latest number to roll out the machine belongs to a baby. Just how much kick ass we'll see this week I'm not sure but this is the best show on TV right now (other than Spartacus) so I'm sure it'll be pretty god fun.

My thoughts on The River have shifted majorly since the season "Pilot" but there are only two episodes left now so I might as well watch it to the finish, what will it have in store? Well, I'm not sure but the preview looks promising, I've said that before.

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