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TV News: PERSON OF INTEREST Renewed For Second Season

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Great news for fans of Person of Interest today, network CBS have renewed it for a second season. The show which stars Jim Cavizel and Michael Emerson follows two guy's, Finch and Reese who fight to detect crimes before they happen. They are alerted to a "Person of Interest" by a machine which spits out the Social Security Number of a person that's about to become involved in a bad situation. Finch is the mastermind behind the computer which detects the crimes whilst Reese is the mussels behind the outfit.

Following a slow start the show has been a massive hit for CBS, even more so of late. Person of Interest has a knack of delivering mystery and intrigue regarding it's two lead characters at just the right time and the most recent episodes have been very, very good. The show has just aired it's seventeenth episode in the U.S, that was last week's "Baby Blue", it's not on this week but should be back the week after next with "Identity Crisis".

Person of Interest is the highest rated new Drama on TV, and regarded by many as the best show on TV right now, I would second that. If you read this blog often then you know I love Person of Interest and every episode has been reviewed, you can check them out HERE. So, lets celebrate with going over some my favourites of the first season. First up

Mission Creep - The third episode in the series and one which really announced just how big of a show this could be.

Witness - The episode where we were all introduced to Elias, a man who would come to play a big part in future story lines.

Number Crunch - Reese's former employee's, the CIA have been on the hunt for him along time and this is the episode where they finally catch up to him.

Root Cause - Another episode where we were introduced to a threat that could return later in this season or maybe the next, computer hacker "Root" was all over Finch's machine in seconds.

Wolf and Cub - One of my personal favourites and a brilliant performance put in from a young guest star who before the episode most people had wrote off.

Awards? Yeah it's won some of those, ok not quite as impressive the Emmy's but it has won the "Favourite New TV Drama" at the people's choice awards. Actress Taraji P. Henson was also nominated for an Image Award for the "Outstanding Actress in a TV Drama Series".

This first season has three episodes to go and I have been saying for a while that the story was good enough to warrant a second season, and I can't wait.
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