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TV Previews: SPARTACUS 2.8 - Balance, THE WALKING DEAD 2.13 - Beside the Dying Fire, ALCATRAZ 1.11 - Webb Porter and AWAKE 1.4 - Kate is Enough

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ok, a new show added to the previews this week, since The River has now finished and Person of Interest is not on, our schedule will be re-shuffled to fit in NBC's Awake. So, here we go with previews of all this week's top TV shows.

The Walking Dead has been really great recently, it has certainly taken a leap out the bore we had all come to expect week on week at the start of this second season. Last week could not have finished any better with them killing off one of the shows biggest characters Shane (John Bernthal), following that he mutated into a zombie rather quick. How did that happen? Has the species evolved? This week's finale sees Rick and his son in a bit of a sticky situation, check out the trailer below.

Last week's Spartacus was another impressive instalment and this week looks no different, following Gannicus' raid on Lucreita's transport to Rome he has taken her hostage and took her to Spartacus, his chance for vengeance right before him what will he do? Cue the showdown between Glaber and a few of his Roman legion against the might of Spartacus' slave rebellion.

Alcatraz looks like it could be serving up another good episode in this week's "Webb Porter", a man who loves his music and according to Lucy in the flashback scene he is a bit of a genius. Back in modern day San Fransisco he could prove useful in other ways for Hauser who needs him taken in alive in order to take his blood to save Lucy. It may be another procedural week, but we are starting to get more glimpses into the mystery held by Alcatraz.

Awake has recently joined my roster of TV reviews, I've only done the "Pilot" so far but will hopefully have the other two for you by Thursday before "Kate is Enough" goes out on NBC. I mentioned in my first review how well the stories crossed over in the show and also how interesting the cases away from the main plot were. This week seems to be going to keep up with that whilst also having us question, which Kate is real?

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