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TV Review: DEXTER - Seeing Red 1.10

Monday, 12 March 2012

I’m finally through season 1 so this is the first of three reviews you can expect coming soon and I will be getting on with watching season 2 in the mean time. For me “Seeing Red” was good but it wasn’t one of the best, the whole run from here on in seemed to concentrate solely on the Ice Truck Killer and how he was leaving cryptic clues for Dexter to find him and reveal the shocking truth behind both their childhoods.

In “Seeing Red” Rudy (The Ice Truck Killer) delivers a key to the police station, this is no normal delivery though, the key is secured in a jar of blood and opens door 103 at the Marina View Hotel. Dexter is left to test the blood as Doakes and Debra investigate, finding a blood soaked room they call for backup and forensics to attend. On entering the scene the usually cool Dexter is overcome with emotion as flashbacks to his childhood and what he witnessed in a ship container start to go through his mind. Dexter collapse to the ground and has Masuka do the rest of the investigation on his behalf.

Why all the flashbacks to his childhood though, I know of course as I have seen season 6, but for those of you who may be catching up on box sets or Netflix why is the Ice Truck Killer so interested in Dexter? This whole episode was very character focused on Dexter and Rudy, are we going to get a shocking reveal that none of us have seen coming as yet?

Away from the main story of Dexter and Rudy Batista is on a night out with Masuka when he sees a working girl with a prosthetic limb, the fingernails are all painted different colours. He questions the girl leading him to Rudy. Batista’s efforts are not realised though and he gets stabbed for his trouble landing him in hospital. Meanwhile Debra is so madly in love with Rudy she can’t see past his obvious flaws and dark side.

I’m still loving Doakes, this dude cracks me up. He really doesn’t like Dexter does he? Doakes had me laughing a couple of times in “Seeing Red” first off when he and Debra attended the Hotel scene “I need uniforms, backup, forensics, f**k it send everybody” then Dexter turns up to the scene and Debra tells him “it’s bad in there” Doakes comes back with “she’s not kidding, it’s your wet dream in there” like I said in the last review they should have kept Doakes for the one liners.

Dexter could have caused himself some problems this week, though it was very entertaining to see him clobber Rita's ex over the head with a pan following her assault charge. The guy deserved it lets be honest. Dexter’s solution is of course only temporary Paul will get out of prison eventually which will probably mean that Dexter may have to deal with him in a more effective manner.

“Seeing Red” was a solid episode which I really enjoyed, not as much as "Return to Sender" which remains my season 1 favourite but still very good. I can’t wait to get started on the second season of Dexter now and hope you will join me for the reviews.
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