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TV Previews: GAME OF THRONES - The Night Lands 2.1, AWAKE - Ricky'sTacos 1.7, TOUCH - Kite Strings 1.4

Sunday, 8 April 2012

All the latest trailer, promos and previews of your favourite US TV shows here at Movies Music and Television as always, enjoy.

I'll start this week with Game of Thrones, if you caught my review of last week's season 2 premiere "The North Remembers" then your already aware that I didn't watch the first season but I was very impressed with the way the show handled itself, and like pretty much everyone else I was really impressed with the performance of Peter Dinklage. I'm still figuring out who everyone is so I can't go into that much plot here but "The Night Lands" looks like a pretty action packed episode.

I started reviewing Awake following episode 5 "Oregon", I have the review of the sixth episode coming for you tomorrow. I really love this show and I think the last episode "That's Not My Penguin" really started to put some questions in our mind about which world is reality and which is a dream. In "Ricky's Tacos" that would seem to continue along with a police conspiracy that was touched upon briefly in an earlier episode.

Touch is a show which has had to take a bit of a back seat lately, it's not that I don't think it's a good show, I just don't rate it as much as everything else that I've been watching. I'm a couple of episodes behind now and do intend to catch up however, I don't think I will be reviewing every episode. Maybe I'll drop a comment or two should something happen that I find interesting or a worthy talking point.

It's a pretty short list this week, as you know Spartacus is now wrapped for it's second season, Person of Interest is a repeat of "Number Crunch" and unfortunately I can't get a preview or promo of Magic City's second episode. So, we'll have to make do with what we've got. 
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