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TV Previews: GAME OF THRONES - The Ghost of Herrenhal 2.5, NYC 22 - Thugs and Lovers 1.3, AWAKE - Slack Water 1.10, PERSON OF INTEREST - Many Happy Returns 1.21

Sunday, 29 April 2012

All of the latest trailers for your favourite US TV shows as always here at Movies Music & Television.

Game of Thrones 2.5 – The Ghost of Herrenhal

Oh, ok so I finally know who the blonde lady walking through the desert is, she is air to the Throne, or at least that’s what she says anyway. She will have to join the que, which incidentally is quite long right now. I stopped reviewing Game of Thrones for one reason,
there is just far to much going on for a newcomer like me so I made an informed decision to keep watching but stop reviewing. I will probably do some sort of season review when it wraps, as for “The Ghost of Herrenhal” I really could not tell you what’s going on in this clip.

Awake 1.10 - Slack Water

Just a quick note on Awake this week, I haven't watched "Game Day" yet I plan to do that tonight. For that reason I haven't watched this preview yet so let me know what you think.

NYC 22 1.3 - Thugs and Lovers

I didn’t review the second episode of NYC 22, reason? Well I just didn’t really find it any different from the “Pilot”, which was procedural but good. I really wasn’t excited about anything last time round so decided not to bother. The latest offering of “Thugs and Lovers” looks ok in this thirty second or so clip where the rookies help stop a bank robbery. It looks good but weather my opinion changes from the second episode will depend on weather I review the episode or not.

Person of Interest 1.21 – Many Happy Returns

Following what was one of Person of Interest’s best episodes in “Matsya Nyaya” (review coming tomorrow) I got to thinking on what they could follow it up with, we are on the run to the season finale now and this show really does just get better and better, never failing to disappoint and “Many Happy Returns” doesn’t look like it will change that anytime soon. The machine pumps out yet another SSN for the team to deal with, but this one’s different and Reese feels the need to go rouge in order to show the guy “what a real monster looks like”.

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