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Red Band Movie Trailer: TED Starring Mark Wahlberg and Seth Mcfarlane

Monday, 2 April 2012

Ok, so from the top I can't believe I'm about to post a movie trailer about a teddy bear that can talk to it's 35 year old owner, even more so when that 35 year old owner is Mark Wahlberg. I take that guy pretty seriously as an actor, more kick ass than method admittedly but this is a whole other direction from the hard as nails Marky Mark. I caught the trailer thanks to Slashfilm and the reason I'm posting it here is due to the fact I laughed so hard, I know it's childish and in all seriousness the movie probably won't be all that good but, honestly, you have to check out this red band trailer for Ted.

I think you pretty much get the gist of what the movie is about from that right? If not, then it stars Mark Wahlberg as John, a guy who made a wish when he was a kid that his teddy bear would come to life. John gets his wish and ends up with an extremely offensive and foul mouthed bear in the shape of Seth Mcfarlane. Normally, that wouldn't cause to many problems but when your trying to bed Lori (Mila Kunis) then you have to man up a bit, never mind all the fun, swearing and drugs your doing with your teddy bear.

Ted is a Seth Mcfarlane movie as you can probably guess from the trailer, Seth is the man responsible for bringing us Family Guy, a show which personally I hate. Honestly I really don't find it funny at all, I imagine I would probably take this movie the same but that teddy throwing out some moves on the shopping till and then posing for photo's with the ladies tickled me enough to do this.
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