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TV Review: GAME OF THRONES - The Night Lands 2.2

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh, so that's a girl. I'm pleased I found out this quick she had me completely fooled last week thinking she, or he was in fact in line to take Joffrey's throne as king. I did think on watching last week that Ari (actually Arya) was slightly effeminate, as you know I didn't watch the first season so this is all new to me. I have to say I enjoyed "The Night Lands" better than last weeks "The North Remembers", more things started to fall into place for me this week and I think that maybe I'm starting to grasp what is actually going on.

One thing I forgot to mention last week was the killing of the "bastards", I know it's not real but I did find that very uncomfortable to watch, or listen to as the case may be. You think that maybe they would leave it there, but no. Game of Thrones was just as daring and outrageous this week as it was last. Firstly we were treated to the scene in the brothel with the lady who had clearly just finished servicing some guy, I'm presuming that wasn't milk he was wiping from her chin, then we got some very wrong brother sister action which quite frankly was just creepy.

I wouldn't let any of that put you off though, yes the nakedness was there for all to be seen, but again, I didn't see the first season so I don't know if that's how it was, nor have I read the books, so maybe it was taken from those. Game of Thrones is still a brilliant show and and the brilliant acting, clever story and hint of the big battle which is going to commence at some point in this season all ramps up to keep you coming back week on week.

I actually laughed this week too, that's twice, remember Awake? Yeah, well Game of Thrones was actually pretty funny this week with the best laugh coming from that guy (I don't know his name) who told the Gold Cloak that his sword had just been sharpened that morning, and it was so sharp he could shave a spiders arse, what can I say it doesn't take much to make me laugh, maybe it's the way "that guy" delivered his line. My other moment of laughter came just before Ari turned out to be Arya with the kids washing pots, again, I don't know who the kid was but it was a funny little chat about how he knew someone was a Knight because they wore body armour.

Although I'm getting there with the characters I still have plenty to learn, this week Joffrey didn't make an appearance but I was introduced to so many other people, supposed kings and their teams (is that the right word?) that I kind of feel back to square one, I think I get a little more on what they all want, and now I know that Tyroin is attempting to keep all of these people from passing his, well Joffrey's walls and getting into their kingdom, please correct me in the comments if I have that wrong. I thought that I pretty much met everyone in the opening episode but it turns out not, I was introduced to the house Greyjoy, you know the creepy brother sister bit? I take it he was in the first season and sent away his son who he now despises to fight with the Stark's. I still need to know who the lady in the red land's is, someone was obviously sending her little crew a message this week sending one of her Bloodrider's back minus his head.

Before I sum up, where were they taking that baby at the end of this episode? And what was that thing which picked it up? The shadow on screen and heavy breathing leads me to think it's some kind of man wolf

I still have plenty to learn about Game of Thrones but I really did enjoy this episode, as with last week the person I was most impressed with was Peter Dinklage, when this guy is on screen he completely owns it and from what I have heard he will be taking more of a leading role in this season. Another brilliant episode and I can't wait for next week's.
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