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TV Previews: GAME OF THRONES - Garden of Bones, AWAKE - Game Day 1.9, NYC 22 - Firebomb 1.2, PERSON OF INTEREST - Matsya Nyaya 1.20

Sunday, 22 April 2012

As always all the TV previews and trailers for your favourite US TV shows here at Movies Music and Television, enjoy.

First up it's Game of Thrones, a show which I have just got into but am really enjoying. I reviewed the first couple of episodes but following last week I found myself lost off thanks to a few new characters being introduced. In "Garden of Bones" the lady walking through the red wasteland is back so, maybe I'll find out some more there. A battle commences between the Starks and Lannisters and boy King Joffrey chops someone up, love it.

I have the review of Awake's "Nightswimming" coming for you tomorrow, I wasn't that impressed the best part was almost seeing Laura Allen naked but unfortunatley it didn't come to anything. in "Game Day" it would seem that the mystery of the two dreams is going to take centre stage, it looks to involve a Football game so if anything else I shouldn't find myself bored this week.

I really enjoyed the "Pilot" to NYC 22, there was a certain air of freshness about it and it came with a killer soundtrack. It's your standard cop procedural but I really think it's worth your time if you can get into it. Check out the trailer for the second installment of the thirteen part series named "Firebomb" and let me know what you think.

I can't find the promo for Person of Interest on YouTube this week so you will have to cope with me throwing you over to the CBS website to check that out. In "Matsya Nyaya" the machine spits out yet another SSN which sees Reese going undercover as part of an armoured truck crew, a move which gives him painful memories of the last CIA job he was involved with. Take a look over at CBS for the trailer. Let me know what it's like as being in the UK I can't watch it.
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