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TV Review: AWAKE - Nightswimming 1.8

Monday, 23 April 2012

I do really enjoy this show but since the episode which featured the penguin a few weeks back I’ve become a little disheartened. From that point I really expected things to be ramped up a bit, instead what we have had are two boring weeks in my opinion. Nothing has really happened other than police procedural drama with a view into what life is now like for Michael Britten in either of his dreams or reality’s. Following “Nightswimming” I stand even more by the point I made last week that both red and green are merely dreams and we as the audience are yet to see the reality.

The focus this week shifted to the red dream/reality where Britten was trying to relocate a couple in the witness protection program, that situation was happening in the green dream though and served only as a way to cross over the story of police procedural and Britten’s life with his stunning wife Hannah. It was all about how their life is now, Britten was working with a couple in the other reality who had a relationship similar to his, although they love each other they needed reminding of what life was like when the first got together. What is there to say really?

There is nothing here for me to even guess at or make me come up with a new opinion. I have stated a couple of times recently that I thought this show could finish up by the end of this first season, eight episodes in with five left and we are really no further forward. Still, if Awake just continues in this form as police drama would it even get a second season? I’m not so sure it would and I’m guessing that a lot of people may have stopped watching it already.

We have mentioned before about how stunning Michael Britten’s wife Hannah is, “Nightswimming” could have worked a lot better had the Director not tried so hard to cover Laura Allen up, I certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing any of that, wouldn’t you agree? In fact if Laura would like to go skinny dipping on a weekly basis I see no good reason to object.

No Rex again this week, not that I missed him. I can see why he didn’t feature here as it wouldn’t have added as much weight to the scenes between Britten and Hannah, but it seems when they are both involved that there is a little more mystery to be had. I’m sure that next week Rex will be back in the mix and hopefully Awake will deliver us a little more mystery and get us back to where we expect to be by now.

I really can go no further than that this week, again I found myself bored. There are plenty police procedural’s to choose from and Awake should concentrate more on it’s mystery for me.
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