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TV Review: PERSON OF INTEREST - Flesh and Blood 1.19

Sunday, 8 April 2012

That's it! I'm getting into Yoga, if all you have to do in the morning is a little stretching to get in touch with your "Chi" and it enables you to kick ass like John Reese, I'm in. Seriously, does TV get any better than Person of Interest? "Flesh and Blood" was not the best episode of this opening season but I would still put it up their with the best of them, what worked so well for me this week was the fact that so many people were involved, yet POI remained true to it's premise and the power struggle between Finch, Reese and Elias.

It's a good job Reese was in touch with his Chi in "Flesh and Blood" as he arrived at "work" to be informed by Finch that the machine had spat out the SSN's of New York's five Mafia Don's. No investigation required, Reese figures straight off that Elias must be executing a plan to take control of the city. Bring back all the corrupt "HR" cops, have their families watched,kidnap Carter's son Taylor (Kwoade Cross) and you have got one brilliant episode of Person of Interest lined up.

It was great to see the team back together again, in last week's "Identity Crisis" Carter still wasn't speaking with Reese, this week she really didn't have a choice as he saved her ass and that of her sons. I love the way that both Carter and Fusco before her have been brought into the fold, it seemed like great timing and considering that the reveal of Reese to Carter was supposed to be the season finale, I think they made a good decision to bring that forward to mid season. The choice has really made things more interesting and it adds a whole other dynamic to the show. Although we know both characters well enough now there is still plenty to be explored with their back stories and the little separate jobs that Reese has them running, I've no doubt that some of these stories will run into the second season.

Another story that I think will run into the second season is Elias, or Carl as we learnt this week, the son of Moretti one of the five Mafia Dons he was looking to get rid of. Do you really think he will be staying in prison? I don't, this guy is way to powerful, with friends way higher than even NYPD top brass. I've never been to prison so I can't really comment but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be allowed to use your (or someone else's) mobile phone on the way to your cell, has Elias bought the prison Guards already? Maybe Michael Schofield will show up in their with his Prison Break apparatus and break Elias out. Only kidding, but there is no way Elias will be spending to much time behind bars. I really enjoyed the brief flashbacks to Elias as a younger guy to, struggling to find acceptance from his father and realising that he actually wanted him dead. Moretti really could have saved Reese and Finch some trouble had his henchmen done their job right in the first place.

It was Elias who ultimately had the last laugh in "Flesh and Blood" when he made that phone call to his father who was sitting with his half brother in their big posh BMW 7 series, of course, it's not so big and posh now as Elias' right hand man Scarface (David Valcin) blew it up killing them both, that only leaves two bosses for him to get rid of, I'm sure he won't find that to hard going. There are only three episodes left of Person of Interest's debut season and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the wrap it up.
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